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Identifying Commercial Refrigeration Thermostats

There are two types of temperature controls used in commercial refrigeration: 1. Thermostatic: either an Air Sensing type or Evaporator Coil Sensing type 2. Low pressure control Let’s start with thermostatic type controls.  An air-sensing thermostat does just that: it senses air temperature.  The control sensor tube is usually mounted in the …

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The Public Smoking Ban Counterculture

There has been much ongoing debate over the effect of public smoking bans on restaurant business.  As more and more states move to ban smoking in almost all public buildings, a counterculture has been pushing back by openly flouting the bans in their communities. This counterculture is especially strong along …

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Fixing Commercial Gas Equipment: No Gas To The Burner

If you’re not getting gas to the burner on gas equipment, you can check several things in a process of elimination to determine what the problem is.  First things first: check the gas regulator.  Gas regulators are directional, which means gas will not flow if they are installed backwards.  Check the …

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Fixing Commercial Ovens: Not Cooking Evenly

All the thermostats have a capillary tube with a bulb attached to the end of it.  This is the part that senses the temperature in the oven.  The bulb is attached to clips inside the oven.  If the bulb is not put back in the same place, i.e. it’s just …

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