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Everything for the Dining Room

Opening a restaurant is a lot of work, and remembering all of the details from front of house to back can be challenging. Luckily we remembered everything you need for the dining room (so you don’t have to). Work your way down the list and you’ll be all set! Click …

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Dreamstaurant Winner Interview

Interview with Chef Adam Hegsted   Q: Where were you born? A: Spokane, WA Q: Do you have a nickname? A: Unfortunately my nickname is Andy Cane. I had an employee who couldn’t remember my name and kept calling me Andy. It eventually turned into Andy Cane. Q: What is something people …

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Wing Obsession in America

Super Bowl is around the corner, and we here at Tundra are getting ready to enjoy the game, but more importantly, all the food! We have plenty of cooks here armed with tongs and their favorite wing sauces just begging to get started in the kitchen; in fact, I think …

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Let the Dream Begin: How Was the Winner Picked?

Adam Hegsted

From the beginning of the Dreamstaurant contest, we announced that our panel of judges would ultimately be choosing who the winner of the contest was, but what we didn’t announce was how they would ultimately be choosing that winner.  At the time of launch, however, even our own judges were …

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100 Ways to Use Cambro Food Storage Containers

Cambro Container

Many of the products from eTundra.com are multipurpose for both restaurants and homeowners alike! Below is an example of how you can use some of our best selling products, Cambro food storage containers, 100 different ways! 100 Uses for Cambro Food Storage Containers: Food storage container (obviously) Trash can Flower pot …

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Dreamstaurant: 72 Hours Till Finalist Announced!

Below are the characteristics our judges are looking for in our Dreamstaurant winner. They could walk away with $20,000 on Monday, January 21st! Determination Responsible Enthusiasm Aware Motivation Successful Trust Ambition Unique Reliable Alert Noble Talent Only 72 hours left to vote. Help your favorite… They could be the winner …

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What in the Heck are Wobble Wedges?

Wobble Wedge cartoon

Wobble Wedges: Fix any wobbly table, fountain, or toilet The curse of the wobbly table has happened to everyone. Have you ever sat down to eat at a restaurant, leaned on the table, and immediately slid sideways because the table isn’t level? Annoying isn’t it? Wobble wedges were invented to fix this problem. …

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