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Being Green Means Being LEED Certified

LEED Certified

As is the case with most things that are inherently good, the notion of going green has come with a not-so-grand tag-along that’s making the process seem less legitimate. The concept of “greenwashing” – creating, packaging, and selling a few minimal green concepts as a commitment to sustainability – is …

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What are Restaurant Consumers Spending Money On?

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), food service sales are expected to hit a record $660B this year! Consumers are spending money in all areas of food service, which is great news if you’re a traditional restaurant owner, quick-service restaurant operator, caterer or bar and tavern owner. The food …

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Is Your Restaurant Using Web Analytics?

Here at Tundra we’re lucky enough to have an in-house web analyst, Emily Pearson, whose sole job is to dig into analytics data and report trends so that we can better run our business; and me being the search engine optimization (SEO) specialist here, I’ve worked with analytics data for …

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Vintage Range With Broken Thermostat

Question I have a vintage Detroit Star range from the 30’s or 40’s.  It has a Robertshaw thermostat control for the oven, but I think that the therm or tube is defective. Any ideas on someone that can check it out?  I live in Duluth, MN. Thanks,  Richard [unordered_list style=”green-dot”] …

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Everything for the Outdoor Space

Opening a new patio space for your restaurant or freshening up your existing space for the new season? Whatever the case, remembering all of the details for your outdoor space can be a challenge. Let us help with this handy checklist featuring equipment, supplies, tabletop and more so your patio …

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How Does Tundra Decide to Bring in New Products?

Good, Better & Best

Cara Schlarb, Director of Product Marketing at Tundra, is the go-to-person for vendor relationships and product standards. She’s responsible for ensuring that the more than 60,000 products we sell are the best products available for our customers. And, of course, she’s also responsible for staying atop of industry trends so …

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The Dog Days of Tundra

Royal and Alan

When you visit Tundra Restaurant Supply, you’ll often see one of our four-legged friends roaming the hallways, or lounging on their doggie bed. And we think that being able to bring our dogs to work is a great perk here, so we had one of our biggest friends (Royal, an …

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