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Archive | April, 2013

Sustain and Grow With Us

20th Anniversary Logo TundraOur mission: We respond immediately to solve the needs of our customers, so that they can sustain and grow the relationship they have with theirs.

20 years ago our company was started based on the mission statement
above. It was important for our founder, Michael Lewis, to do more than just sell parts to restaurants; in fact, it was fundamentally essential that our customers felt taken care of. We built relationships with them and kept things as simple as possible. Based on these fundamental “ways” (we don’t do policies) we were able to grow into the Tundra we are today, and we thank our customers for being there to support us.

With the announcement of our Dreamstaurant contest winner, Adam Hegsted, we knew we had an opportunity to expand on this mission: to expand here at Tundra, to help Adam and to help you.

Today, we invite you to sustain and grow with us as we continue to bring
more to the table.


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