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About The Back Burner

See what The Back Burner blog is about, & meet out authors.

Welcome to the official Tundra Restaurant Supply blog – The Back Burner – a blog that helps food service professionals stay on top of the latest news, trends and information in the industry.

When we think of “putting things on the back burner,” it typically refers to putting responsibilities and tasks on hold – procrastination if you will.  Unfortunately, this happens all too often in the food service industry because there’s…

  1. Staying on top of the latest industry news, and
  2. Running a business (and we all know which one is more important).

But all of that procrastination just adds to the pile, and before too long, you’re behind!

We thought of The Back Burner as a place for opportunity – a place that great ideas are created and stored.  A place to get the information you need, when you need it. And if that’s not today, that’s okay, we’ll be here when you need us!

Procrastination has never felt so good!


When it came to finding authors for The Back Burner, we wanted to find enthusiastic writers that could offer the experience needed for our readers. The good news for us was that we had plenty of those types of people right under our roof!

Our authors bring years of experience and passion to every article they create, while delivering the news and information you need, when you need it. Our current article topics include:

  • Restaurant Spotlight
  • Food Safety
  • Getting Equipped
  • Going Green
  • Restaurant Equipment Repair
  • Recipes
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Restaurant Trends and News
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Staff and Server Tips
  • Tundra Culture

Have other great ideas on topics we should be covering?  Or would you like to write an article?

Please Let Us Know!