Hydration and Dish Preparation with Frasca Food and Wine


As the temperatures warm outside, so do the ones inside. Restaurant kitchens are notoriously warm—hot even, if you consider that it can easily reach 110° on the line. But I’d take a guess to say you’re no stranger to heat in the kitchen. Excessive sweating is a quick start way …

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$15 Minimum Wage is Still On the Table

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Next to the 2016 presidential debate, few things are as polarizing as the topic of a $15 minimum wage. Indeed, the D.C. Council unanimously agreed to boost the city’s hourly minimum wage to $15, joining the ranks of California and New York who recently agreed to implement a $15 minimum …

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[Buying Guide] Gas Connectors


Gas connectors and hoses are no stranger to a commercial kitchen. Since the invention of the flexible gas connector, it’s becoming easier to safely move your heavy restaurant equipment away from walls for cleaning (health code requirement). But how do you know that you, or your employees, have installed and …

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Enter to Win! A Prep Chef’s Cream Giveaway


No matter how large your kitchen may be, there’s never room for wasted resources. A prep chef can spend hours manually chopping vegetables and preparing sauces for dinner service. If you’re in a bustling kitchen within a growing restaurant, it’s certainly worth switching from manual to automatic prepping solutions. That’s …

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Denver’s Food System: An Introduction

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Here at Tundra Restaurant Supply, our restaurant supply and equipment showroom and warehouse is nestled at the base of the foothills here in Boulder, Colorado. Not far from us is the burgeoning metropolitan area known as Denver, which you may have heard of before…. The City of Denver is growing …

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Restaurant Music – How to Get it Right

Blurred background : Customer at restaurant blur background with bokeh

Music is an important part of any restaurant. When used correctly, it creates atmosphere, enhances perception of taste, and can even help influence menu choices and increase table turn. Most restaurant owners, however, don’t put enough thought into the music they use; or, they make the mistake of playing music …

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What New Refrigerant Legislation Could Mean for You


We recently had the opportunity to attend the Ice-O-Matic Energy-Efficient Restaurant Seminar: Reduce Costs, Energy Usage and Environmental Impact. During this event, a panel of experts discussed upcoming regulatory trends, including new legislative measures taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) to reduce climate …

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{NEW} Commercial Ice Machine Buying Guide

ice-machine buying guide

As temperatures warm up outside, you quickly find out they’re warming up inside too. Consumption is bound to increase as you meet the needs of hot, thirsty guests. Not only that, your ice machine equipment will be working even harder to cool water in order to meet demand. It’s ice …

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Heifer and the Hen in Boulder, CO

heifer and the hen-7

I can’t help but swing my feet when perched upon the aptly named “Float Bar” at Heifer and the Hen. The organic creamery is the newest venture of Chef Ian Clark who opened restaurant BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats (located next door) 3 years ago. Noted as an “Ice Cream Artist” on …

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Win a Knife Kit and Kitchen Shears from Victorinox


No matter what you’re doing in the kitchen – you need a good set of knives in order to prep food safely and efficiently.  Known for its Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox kitchen knives are recognized among professionals fortheir ability to hold an edge.  Stamped from high carbon stainless steel, you …

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Elkay Foodservice Products


    Elkay Foodservice Products manufactures stainless work tables and sinks and has been a trusted name in the food industry for over 20 years. What is it that makes a good work table? I mean, it’s just a table. How about a kitchen sink? Don’t be fooled by the …

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