Resources for those in the Cold Springs Fire


The Cold Springs Fire near Nederland, Colorado has already claimed 566 acres, eight homes and 7 outbuildings. During this challenging time, local restaurants and businesses are coming together to help those victims displaced by the fire. Check back as we’ll be updating this list as we hear more: Airbnb – …

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Denver’s Food System: Part Two

Field of cows before a large mountain in morning with bare winter trees

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Denver is the fastest-growing large city in the country. Blame the green stuff, or blame our beautiful mountains, 300 days of sunshine, or just great work-life balance—word is getting out about how awesome we are, and we’re getting bigger. More people means more people …

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Enter the Win, Win, Winco Sweepstakes!


This month we’re helping stock your kitchen with all of the tools you wish you had but never bought! This exclusive prize package of commercial-grade cooking supplies from Winco includes one 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set, one Mandoline, two Half-Size Sheet Pans, and one Chinois Strainer. As a trusted name among those …

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Video: How to Use the Nemco Easy Chopper 3


The new Nemco Easy Chopper 3 takes everything you know and love about the Easy Chopper 2 and makes it better. The color-coded push black and corresponding blade-set system makes it easier to match sizes, and the new cleaning gasket helps you clean debris in a snap. Swapping blade assemblies …

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Chefs As Stewards

Agricultural farm in Alaska in the Matanuska Valley near the town of Palmer. By National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) from USA (Farm, Matanuska Valley, AK) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve long heard about the growing demand for food that not only tastes good, but makes you feel good too (try here, here and here). The demand for responsibly sourced ingredients as related to animal welfare, environmental responsibility and other sustainability initiatives is growing at a rapid pace. Customers are …

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Hydration and Dish Preparation with Frasca Food and Wine


As the temperatures warm outside, so do the ones inside. Restaurant kitchens are notoriously warm—hot even, if you consider that it can easily reach 110° on the line. But I’d take a guess to say you’re no stranger to heat in the kitchen. Excessive sweating is a quick start way …

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$15 Minimum Wage is Still On the Table

Stock Photo

Next to the 2016 presidential debate, few things are as polarizing as the topic of a $15 minimum wage. Indeed, the D.C. Council unanimously agreed to boost the city’s hourly minimum wage to $15, joining the ranks of California and New York who recently agreed to implement a $15 minimum …

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[Buying Guide] Gas Connectors


Gas connectors and hoses are no stranger to a commercial kitchen. Since the invention of the flexible gas connector, it’s becoming easier to safely move your heavy restaurant equipment away from walls for cleaning (health code requirement). But how do you know that you, or your employees, have installed and …

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