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Tundra Restaurant Supply features over 60,000 products including restaurant supplies, equipment and equipment parts , a sweet eCommerce site with all the bells and whistles, a whole restaurant design and opening package team, low prices without sacrificing quality and more smart customer service reps than you can shake a stick at. If you'd like to browse Tundra's site, visit www.etundra.com.

[CONTEST ALERT] Enter to Win Food Storage Essentials by Cambro

Food safety starts with food storage. Keeping your products fresh and free from cross-contamination ensures customers stay safe. Cambro’s collection of food storage containers are NSF certified and made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. Clear sides with printed measurements make it easy to see product inside. So what are you waiting …

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Buying Guide: Walk-In Cooler Parts

Your walk-in cooler is most likely one of the biggest investments you have in your back of house. Simple updates can make a big difference in the performance of your equipment and help you drastically reduce your energy costs. Check out this buying guide on walk-in cooler parts to learn …

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Buying Guide: Commercial Refrigeration

Keep your product safe and out of the danger zone by maintaining and fixing your refrigeration units. In this buying guide, we’ll show you how to fix common issues that come up with commercial refrigerators and the easy way to fix them. Don’t waste a lot of time, or money …

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Buying Guide: Commercial Blenders

With so many options of commercial blenders out there, choosing the right one for your kitchen or bar can be challenging. Do you have a busy bar that specializes in mixed beverages? Or maybe you need a back-of-the-house solution for your kitchen? Whatever your needs, this commercial blender buying guide …

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Download: Compost This

Compostable products are the easiest way to become zero waste in your business. Help employees and customers know what items are compostable with this sign. Print and place above your compost bin! View Now

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