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Boulder Spotlight: Chef Radek Cerny’s L’Atelier Restaurant

Chef Radek Cerny’s love of French cuisine is explained easily by using another of his passions for comparison: fast cars.  “Why buy a Fiat when you can drive  a Ferrari?” he asks without further elaboration.  And none needed.  A taste of his exquisite menu explains the rest.

The celebrated chef and owner of the critically acclaimed L’Atelier restaurant in Boulder, CO, has been tantalizing the palates of Colorado for more than 20 years.  With 11 restaurants under his belt, Chef Cerny has proven time and again that his effective blend of mastery of the culinary arts and savvy business sense brings success.

That success hasn’t slowed in recent months, despite the sharp decline in sales at fining dining establishments.  L’Atelier has fought back with clever promos like twice-a-week Recession Dinners ($29 per person for appetizer, choice of entrée, and dessert on a specialized menu), wine specials, and Thursday happy hour.  “I’m helping the customer in tough times, and they appreciate it.  They come in for the dinner deal and maybe they buy some wine or some drinks.  We both win.  You have to give them something in this economy.”

Full Belly, Chef Cerny’s new project, is the perfect remedy for patrons with the economic blues: excellent food from a top chef at an affordable price.  The “downscale” bistro features affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinner without losing the style and flavor of signature Cerny cuisine.  “This menu is perfect for these times,” he says.  “Everything is affordable but the food is still great.”

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  1. annalee December 16, 2009 at 8:21 pm #

    I went to L’Atellier for dinner a few years back and it was amazing! I am interested to hear they are offering “recession dinners”. I appreciate restaurants that can find a creative way to share their talents with the community in a way that shows sensitivity to these economic times.
    I will be back!

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