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[NEW] Buying Guide on Food Prep Equipment Parts

Food Prep Equipment Maintenance Buying GuideYour food prep equipment tools like slicers and choppers are the unsung workhorse heroes of your kitchen. These tools knock down your prep time exponentially so you can move on to another task that demands your attention. Not only that, have you considered how prep tools help you with portion control? Slicers improve your accuracy, so you’ll know exactly how many slices you get from one tomato, and how many of those slices you need to top your sandwiches or burgers.

Given the amount of regular use your choppers and slicers see, it’s inevitable that your blades will wear down and become dull. Remember those beautiful tomato slices? If your tomatoes start looking a little soggy around the edges, it might be time to pick up some new blades.

Thankfully, replacing the blades on your chopper/slicer is one of the easiest DIY tasks in the kitchen. Not only will you save some bucks on buying a new unit, but you won’t skip a beat when it comes to slicing, dicing and chopping quickly.Food Prep Equipment Buying Guide

Check out our new buying guide on Food Prep Equipment Maintenance 101. We’ll walk you through how to find the right part/blade setup for your equipment and how to replace the blades (complete with step-by-step pictures and how-to videos!).


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Protect Food Allergy Sufferers in Your Restaurant

San Jamar Food Allergen Kit

There are more than 15 million people in the US with food allergies, and catering to this crowd could equal extra revenue for your restaurant. If your menu utilizes one of the eight common allergy ingredients (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean, eggs, milk, wheat, and soy), it’s time to learn how to protect your guests with food allergies, as well as your business.

We recommend starting by designating a front of the house person on your staff to become the “expert” in food allergen concerns. That person should be the only one that takes orders from food allergen guests. That designated person will serve as the liaison between the customer and the back of house to ensure the ticket‘s dietary restrictions are properly addressed.

It’s then up to the back of house team to ensure that the appropriate tools and foods are segregated from allergen contaminated food stations and utensils – even the tongs and turners need to be kept separate to prevent spreading allergens . Remembering to do all of this is made easy with the Allergen Saf-T-Zone System from San Jamar. It’s a designated kit that comes with its own set of tongs and turners, as well as a 10” chef’s knife and 12 x18” cutting board, all in purple of course. The purple helps remind everyone that, that particular meal has some sort of allergen restriction that needs to stay out of contact with other foods.

It’s simple awareness that helps keep your guests and business safe. Where it starts with being alert, organized, and thorough, it ends with ensuring food safety is top of mind and contamination is never an issue.

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Gluten Free & Allergy Labeled: Toothpicks Help Mark Their Territory

Gluten Free Toothpick

Cross-contamination is one of the biggest risks when it comes to food safety and dietary needs that warrant strict cross-contamination rules, but with toothpicks that clearly mark what the food is, you’ll help keep your guests safe while increasing sales. Tablecraft offers specialty toothpicks that clearly label gluten-free products and allergy products, so that guests with food allergies know exactly what foods are safe for them. They’re also fun for at-the-table sword fights, but that’s another story ;).

What Does Gluten Free Mean?

You’ve likely heard about the top eight common allergy ingredients, but do you know what it means to be gluten free? Gluten is a protein that is found in grains, which includes the barley used to make beer, as well as, wheat, rye and triticale (that’s a mix between wheat and rye). Celiac disease is the term used to describe people that have an allergic reaction to the gluten protein and they can have similar reactions to other food allergy sufferers when they ingest gluten of any kind.

The good news is that most people with celiac disease are well aware of the foods they need to abstain from to avoid adverse reactions; however, since a lot of grains can be mixed into foods where you wouldn’t usually expect it, it’s always a good idea to be informed of the most common gluten free foods that are avoided, including: beer, breads, cakes, candies, cereals, chips, cookies, croutons, French fries, gravies, imitation meat, matzo, pastas, processed luncheon meats, salad dressings, sauces, soups, and vegetables in sauce. If you’re not sure if the product is gluten free or not, look for a gluten free label, or call the manufacturer.

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Getting Your Restaurant Prepped for Non GMO Labeled Meals

Gluten Free - Not This Tomato!

If we told you that 91% of Americans want to see non GMO labels on the food they eat, would you rethink what foods you should be serving up? “Genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology, and a growing portion of your clientele would like to be made aware of their presence in the ingredients you use. Making the move towards offering non GMO foods for your customers is not that hard, but it will involve setting up separate stations. For example, you should consider investing in another fryer that is only used to hold non GMO canola oil; keep in mind that same frying oil will work to cater to other dietary restriction orders, like allergens and vegetarian diets. If the initial cost of doubling up on a few choice pieces of equipment seems overwhelming, remember that the percentage of people in the US that need segregated food is growing at an exponential rate, which means greater profits for those restaurants that follow suit.

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Portion Control Has Never Been So Accurate

 Detecto - RP30S - Square Rotating Ingredient Scale

71% of adults in America are trying to eat healthier when they eat out. For a lot of these potential restaurant patrons, eating healthy is not just a choice, it’s a need. For your customers on health related diets, the best way to enforce healthier standards is to use portion control. Insuring the accurate amount of butter or salt in a dish for the customer can ensure lower weight and blood pressure, while also saving you money by control ingredient cost. Detecto makes portioning out ingredients easy with their RP30 square rotating scale. This scale helps you weight every last ounce of food while you add it to a plate, making it easy to know precisely what’s leaving your kitchen and heading in front of those health conscious guests.

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Preparing Your Restaurant’s Menu to Go Kosher

Forequarters of Cow are KosherIf your restaurant is in an area with a large Jewish community, it makes sense to ensure your menu has kosher options. Would it surprise you to know that kosher eaters in America are equal to the number of people with food allergies? The truth is that offering kosher food options on your menu is a big opportunity to grow your business! However, before you can get started, you need to learn the rules on how to prepare, cook, and serve kosher. For example, investing in an undercounter refrigerator (we’d recommend Beverage Air) is a first great move. All kosher cuts of meat need to be kept in a separate refrigerator from other, non-kosher meats being served. Plus, it’s easier for you to know what meats are strictly kosher if you stay organized in the kitchen. You’ll also need to look into separate smallware packages and prep areas. The investment upfront may seem grand, but the return on investment could be greater in the long-run.

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Setting Up Grill Zones: Keep Those Veggies Away From the Meat

Restaurant Grill Zones

Click Image to Enlarge

Odds are, if you work the grill in a restaurant, you’re already a seasoned veteran in the art of grill zones. There are your hot zones that cook meats at the temperature needed for medium to well-done and other cooler spots that cook it perfectly between rare to medium-rare. There are also other spots for veggies and softer food types, but did you know that there should always be an area specifically designated for your vegetarian and vegan guests? Because different types of oils need to be used for these guests (no animal by-products), it’s best to keep meats and oils, such as bacon grease, well away from the veggie friendly zone. Your grill should be set up so that anyone that comes up to the grill knows exactly what area is for what – no need to worry about cross-contamination for your vegetarian and vegan friendly fans. Maintaining grill zones also helps prevent cross-contamination for other dietary restrictions, like allergens. Taking an extra step toward food safety is easy when you stay organized in the kitchen.

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Tundra’s Web Loyalty Program

Tundra's Web Loyalty Program

Being able to reward our customers for shopping at is kind of exciting. Starting April 1st, you will earn up to 5% credit back on every dollar you spend while shopping online. Continue earning credits all quarter long (through June 30th) and then apply those credits towards purchases in the first month of the following quarter. Wash, rinse, repeat!

Tundra’s Loyalty Program makes it easy to earn credits, see those credits online in “My Account”, and apply those credits to future purchases.

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Enhanced Web Tools Make Shopping Even Easier

Enhanced Web Tools at

What would a new website be without enhanced tools to help make your shopping experience even easier? Since the launch of our website last year, we’ve been working hard to bring you the simplest way to get what you and your business needs. Here are just a few of those tools.

Companion Items. What if you didn’t know when shopping for an ice machine, that you should also keep an eye out for a water filter and installation kit? With our new Companion Items feature, you’ll see these crucial items on the product page as a friendly reminder of the odds and ends you may also need to finish the set-up of your new investment.

Save 4 Later. Not quite sure you’re ready to buy everything in your cart? That’s okay, because now you can save it for later. We thought this would be helpful for items that you know you need, but aren’t quite ready to commit to.

PayPal. What if you could pay using one of the world’s most trusted payment companies? Now you can, because we offer the option for PayPal at check out, a company that safely holds your credit card information so you don’t have to fish for that information every time you return. We all know that saving time is just as important as being secure when shopping online. Plus we can’t forget to mention the greatness of Paypal is two-fold, because now our customers can take advantage of the Bill Me Later® program. We are thrilled to offer our customers one of the most competitive leasing options out there.

International Shipping. What if you lived outside of the USA and needed an order? Well, we now ship internationally too! Just look for the international shipping button on the shopping cart page.

Take advantage of our improved website!

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#2 Tundra Value Exceed Customer Expectations

Tundra Value 2Meet our team and you’ll agree, they love helping our customers.

A lot of companies can say they have a friendly staff, but not a lot of them can also boast that their staff is exceptionally knowledgeable in their field… however, we can!

We may be a bit persnickety about who we bring on board to join our team, but it’s because we knew from the beginning that we had to do more than just offer a friendly smile. We had to take it a step further by helping our customers learn more about their equipment (even if it meant do-it-yourself repair work on that equipment), their industry, and their business. To do that, we had to bring on team members that knew their stuff , and we’re not just talking about Chefs and managers, we also have in-house repair technicians and food service industry experts. Besides, how could we truly follow Tundra value #2 if we did it any other way? We couldn’t…

Simple as that.

Give us a call, reach out to us on the web, or get social with us on Facebook with your questions. We’ll make sure you’re put in contact with someone that can help exceed your expectations and make your life a little bit easier.

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