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Bar Maid Fun Bar Accessories

Bar Cocktail Hour

As one of our bestselling brands in the bar business, Bar Maid has more than 50 years in the bar business. They’re well known for their 5 brush portable electric bar glass washers (especially in those busy bars out there), but they have everything from nifty gadgets to help boost bar sales to parts to help keep equipment running. Here are just a few of our favorite Bar Maid accessories.

Bomb Cups

Sure, you could sell bombers to customers in the regular ole’ bar glass and shot glass, but with bomb cups in assorted colors, you just added a little fun to the mix. We love these because they’re washable or disposable, come in 4 vibrant colors and include the shot glass.

Liquor Pourers

You could also settle for the trusty stainless steel liquor pourer or simple black, but why not liven things up? Bar Maid offers an assortment of fun colors in their liquor pourers with different dispense capacities and pour styles (free flow, measured, or none).

Liquor Pourer Covers

If you’ve ever seen that episode of Bar Rescues where they hold the flashlight to the bottom of the bottle and the audience gets to see the yucky things that can get in through liquor pourers, including bugs, you’ll know that liquor pourer covers can be a life saver in the bar. Good news, they’re pretty inexpensive too.

Glass Rimmers and Plenty of Salt

If you’ve spent time behind a bar, you already know what glass rimmers are and how handy they can be, but the best part of glass rimmers is being able to accentuate drinks with a variety of different colored salts. From different holidays to different events, having salts in a variety of colors helps bring the entire night together.

Bar Blender

No back bar is complete without a heavy duty bar in place and Bar Maid’s 3 horsepower, 64 ounce capacity blender is definitely a winner for blending up chilled drinks. Bonus, this blender is great at smoothing out hot soups too, so you can use it in the kitchen as well.

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Bar Supplies That Save the Day (and Night)

Liquor pourers
If you work behind a bar, you’re probably already familiar with liquor pourers, those small but indispensable items that make tending bar much easier, faster and more consistent. For bar owners and managers, the financial benefits are nothing to sneeze at, because they eliminate costly over pouring and messy spills. What’s more, pourers that have flip tops prevent dust and insects from sullying perfectly good booze.

I should add: here at Tundra we carry nine brands of liquor pourers, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the exact product to meet your establishment’s needs in our Bar Specialty Shop. (If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.)

Store & pour containers
Efficient pouring is only half of the equation. Efficient storing is equally important, and it’s probably no surprise that we can help you in that department too. Store and pour containers allow your bar staff to prepare mixed drinks in advance of your busiest nighttime hours. They’re dishwasher safe, break-resistant and typically include color-coded spouts and lids to help you keep everything smooth behind the bar during those wild and crazy nights.

Liquor pourers

Store & pour containers

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About the video: from our friends at Precision Pour, a comprehensive and compelling look at the many benefits of using a Precision Pour pourer. Check it out!

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The Frozen Drink Machine Guide to Slushy-Goodness

Frozen Strawberry Drinks

This month we’re featuring GMCW (formerly Grindmaster and Cecilware) frozen beverage dispensers, because it’s summer and cold drinks go perfectly with hot weather… and because there’s great opportunity here for you to increase bar sales. If you’re looking to invest in a new frozen drink machine or have one and are just looking for some more info, here’s our list of top know-how’s to ensure the perfect drink mix every time.

  1. Most drink mixes that are recommended to go with a frozen drink machine come with a recipe to follow; however, if you’re ever caught without a recipe, remember that most mixes call for equal parts mix and water.
  2. If you’re going to add alcohol, make it one part alcohol, two parts mix, and two parts water.
  3. The machine works to freeze the water into slush, so there’s no need to add ice; in fact, don’t add ice, it can break the internal parts.
  4. Feel free to leave the alcohol out of the drinks so that you can serve to a larger audience, including alcohol-free drinks and patrons that want less alcohol in their drinks.
  5. Alcohol added to the dispenser can cause the process of creating the slush to take longer. Think about how alcohol reacts in the freezer – it never freezes, right? This same process happens in the beverage dispenser, whereas the alcohol acts as a heat against the cold. This doesn’t mean that the machine can’t handle this process, but it will take longer for the slushy state to come around.
  6. You can mix things up a bit with flavored sodas and fruit drinks for the main ingredient in your drinks. The carbonation dies out quickly, but because of that, sodas like Coca-Cola will taste off. Sticking with fruity drinks will work best.
  7. Allow for 1-2 hours for the drink to be at the proper temperature and slushy-consistency.
  8. If you’re using a pre-made mix, make sure to match up the number of gallons it makes with the number of gallons your machine makes… you don’t want to start mixing for 10 gallons and later find out your machine can only hold 5 gallons (rookie mistake, but it happens).
  9. Water always goes in last.
  10. For specific recipes, try searching Google for some fun ideas.
  11. If you want to get adventurous and start mixing up your own frozen concoctions, like our friends over at Snow and Co, start off with pre-made mixes first, and once you have that down, try creating your own mixes. Just remember, don’t put anything chunky in the frozen drink dispenser – everything going in should be nice and smooth.
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Product Spotlight: Turbo Air M3 Series

Are you in the market for a new fridge or freezer? You should definitely consider the Turbo Air M3 Series.

The Turbo Air M3 Series offers impressive durability and convenience—and I daresay beauty—at an equally attractive price point.

But don’t let the price fool you! These units may be affordable but they are far from “cheap” in terms of construction, performance and appearance; no matter how busy your kitchen is, they’ll keep their end of the bargain.

The M3 lineup includes undercounter refrigerators and freezers; sandwich prep tables; and one-, two and three-door reach-ins. Here’s a look at a few of our top-selling models and their special features:

Turbo Air M3 1 Door Reach-In Freezer

  • Digital Temperature Control System provides precise and constant temperature to ensure your food stays fresh over an extended period of time.
  • Condensate system surfaces have been specially treated to resist corrosion, eliminate the risk of refrigerant leakage, and prevent the overflow of condensate water.
  • Stainless steel exterior, galvanized steel top, bottom and back, with rounded exterior corners to reduce the risk of injury.

Turbo Air M3 Series 2 Door 60″ Sandwich Prep Table

  • Cold air compartment maintains temperature evenly for each pan to preserve fresh food longer, and the compartment isolates pans from the rach-in area to prevent food spillage.
  • Fatigue-fighting easy grip handles and ergonomically designed doors that open and close effortlessly. ABS sheet door liners resist water condensation with thermal efficiency.
  • Magnetic door gaskets for quick removal, fast cleanup and easy DIY replacement.

Turbo Air M3 Series 1 Door Undercounter Refrigerator

  • Stainless steel cabinet construction for cleanliness and durability.
  • Stainless steel louver built to withstand food acids and stains, and ensure even distribution of cold air throughout the interior of the unit.
  • Adjustable heavy duty polyehthylene coated wire shelves.
  • Solid doors and efficient evaporators and condensers for faster cooling and greater efficiency

Also worth mentioning: hundreds of our Turbo Air units are eligible for FREE SHIPPING! So if you’re considering an M3 or other Turbo Air model, head over to our main website and pick one out!

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The Dipper Well Is Your Tireless Kitchen Companion


The dipper well is easily one of our kitchen favorites. A must-have for coffee shops and ice cream parlors, dipper wells keep your essential utensils—particularly spoons and scoops—clean and germ-free throughout the day and easily within reach. They are truly the tireless workhorses of the kitchen!

1. Wells Water Saver Heated Disher Well

2. Dipwell Company Dipperwell Shut-Off Valve

3. T&S Brass Dipperwell Faucet

3. Commercial – Dipperwell Faucet Stem

4. Nemco Spadewell Dipperwell Divider

5. Krowne Front Mount Dipperwell w/Faucet AB1953 Compliant

6. Commercial 6″ Round Drop-In Dipperwell

6. T&S Brass Dipperwell Bowl

7. Commercial Dipperwell Installation Kit

8. Dipwell Company Dipperwell Inlet Faucet

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When It’s Time to Replace Your Refrigeration Door Gaskets

Refrigeration Gaskets

We’ve written about how easy it is to replace your refrigeration door gaskets, but time and time again, we’ll walk into a commercial kitchen and see duct-tape doing the job the gasket should be doing.  What, not you?  You may not be taping the door closed, but with any over-worn gasket in the kitchen, duct-tape may be right around the corner.  Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your gaskets:

  1. If you begin to see cracks anywhere in the gasket.
  2. If the gasket is beginning to separate from the equipment.
  3. If the material of the gasket begins to harden so much that it doesn’t create a good seal.
  4. If the refrigeration unit keeps coming on and shutting off, odds are it’s having a hard time keeping temp.  There are a lot of things that could be at play here, but the gasket is one of the easiest, quickest, and cheapest ways to begin narrowing down where the issue may be.
  5. If you can feel cool air leaking around the gasket when the door is closed.
  6. If you begin to see condensation build-up around the gasket seal.

New Gaskets With Gaps – Is It Defective?

When gaskets arrive at your door, it’ll likely be twisted and contorted in a way that makes it look almost impossible to install.  In fact, if you try to install it without working out the kinks, you’ll notice small gaps that are letting cold air seep through.

To work out the kinks, it’s best to soak any new gasket in hot water for 30 minutes before trying to install it.  If the kinks don’t come out, you can also try using other methods to heat up the gasket a bit.  At home, we’d recommend using a hair dryer or even throwing it in the dryer for 10 minutes, but in the commercial kitchen, you could alternatively bring water to a slow boil, turn it down to a simmer, and put the gasket in the water for 10 minutes. Once heated, lay it on a flat surface and stretch the gasket into the shape it needs to be to fit the equipment it is being installed on.

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Custom Cutting Boards Made to Order: A Tundra Exclusive


Do you have a prep table or countertop that needs a new cutting surface? We got you covered. Tundra offers are variety of custom cutting boards for bars, restaurants, large institutions, food trucks, catering companies, and everyone in between.

Just grab your tape measure, send us the dimensions,  and we’ll take care of the rest!

Custom Plastic Cutting Boards

Quantity: ___


Width: ___
Length:  ___


  • ½ inch
  • ¾ inch
  • 1 inch


High temperature plastic

  • 350° F rated
  • Tan color

— OR —

Standard plastic

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

How to Place an Order
Fax your specs to Tundra Restaurant Supply at (800) 447-4881 for a quote or use our online webform to see what cost (and savings) you can expect. We will contact you with price and availability before order is placed.

Note: Custom items are non-returnable so please use care with measurements and specifications when ordering!

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Stock Up on New Supplies for Ice Cream Season

Bringing in the summer with new ice cream equipment, supplies, and dispensers helps keep your customers chill and your sales hot, especially when you’re using commercial products that help save you time and money over time.  Our Ice Cream Specialty Shop is perfect for helping to bring everything together, including blenders for yummy smoothie concoctions and dipper wells to help keep utensils clean.  Here are just a couple of our top selling items for ice cream enthusiasts.

Ice Cream Dishers

Ice Cream Disher

At the top of our list are ice cream dishers (or is it called a scoop).  These simple little tools are an ice cream essential in the home and business.  Without these, scooping up that ice cream would be a bit harder and wouldn’t give those scoops their signature shape – who wants to see lop-sided ice cream on top of their cone? Ranging from $1-$20, make sure to get the size that is perfect for your needs.

Hot Fudge Dispensers

Hot Fudge Dispenser

If you weren’t craving an ice cream sundae before you got to this point, I bet you will after I tell you that our second favorite ice cream parlor must is a hot fudge dispenser.  Capable of maintaining a constant temperature without scorching the chocolate, these dispensers are perfect for helping to keep the flow in the kitchen.  Prices range from $150-$750, and the most important decision when picking these products out is the capacity they need to hold to benefit your business best.

Ice Cream Molds

Ice Cream Molds

Want to get into the business of selling your own popsicles or want to give your ice cream a specialty look, then you’ll definitely need these ice cream molds.  They’re easy to use and typically come with wooden sticks to get you started as soon as they arrive.  Prices range from $20-$200, which is mainly based on how much production you’re planning on doing.

Dipper Wells

Dipper Wells

Dipper wells are handy-helpers on the back line as they help to keep utensils clean for continual use.  They run a constant flow of water over the utensils that reside in them, which ensures bacterial growth is washed away and other harmful allergens. There’s a wide price variety with dipper wells ($50-$1,000), but again, it’s based on the capacity the item needs to be to properly maintain your business.

Ice Cream Drink Mixers

Ice Cream Drink Mixers

Depending on if you’re looking to serve frozen drink concoctions on a minute-by-minute basis, or just a few a day, ice cream drink mixers are a great way to keep serving up the very best of ice cream favorites.  Ranging in price from $100 to $1,000, the perfect drink mixer for you is going to be deciding on the number of spindles, where the placement of the machine will be, and the speed the machine needs to provide to keep you in business.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Dads Everywhere Will Love

Johnson-Rose Corporation Wall Mount Bottle Opener
Price: $2.06/EA Sometimes dads forget where they put things—like the bottle opener. This solves that problem.

Update International Cap Catcher
Sale Price: $25.29 How could you possibly improve upon the delight of opening a cold beer on a hot day? By opening a cold beer and then watching the cap fall effortlessly into this cap catcher. Sublime.

Commercial Channel Lock Pliers
Price: $16.19 Fathers can never have too many pliers. (It’s true–look it up.)

Comark 58–300 F Digital Thermometer
Sale Price: $20.99 One thing fathers really enjoy? Firing up the grill. With this handy quick-read thermometer, everyone else can enjoy burgers cooked exactly to their liking. Win-win.

Chef Works Red Baseball Cap
Price: $8.95 For follicly challenged dads who are tending the grill in the hot summer sun: stylish UV protection.

Vitamix BarBoss Blender
Web Only Price: $409.00 Anything with “Boss” in the name is probably a good Father’s Day gift. Add “Vitamix” and you’re approaching perfection.

Crown Verity Beer Butt Chicken Holder
Price: $10.59 “Beer Butt Chicken Holder”? ‘Nuff said.

John Boos & Co. Culinarte Butcher Block Cart
Price: $539.00 This handsome cart is perfect for handsome fathers (though handsomeness is not a requirement).

Waring Italian Perfectto Compact Panini Grill w/ Ribbed Plates
Price: $379.00 Give the (incredibly awesome) gift of perfectly grilled sandwiches and burgers.

American Metalcraft Bottle Opener
Price: $1.36 This American-made bottle opener is guaranteed to please dads who love beer and FREEDOM.

Wusthof 9-Piece Grand Prix II Cutlery Set
Price: $199.99 Wusthof knives, people. Wusthof. You know, the amazingly well-crafted knives made in Solingen, Germany? Dads want these.

Crown Verity 19 in Grill Brush
Price: $11.65 Fathers, as a rule, appreciate practicality. So they’ll appreciate this very practical grill brush for sure.

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6 Home Uses for Casters

Casters Galore PinterestCasters are used primarily in the industrial and food service world, we’ve found that there are many small and big uses for them in the home too.  Of course a caster that is able to hold up to 300 pounds under a trash can may be a bit excessive (or maybe not, I’m not judging), there are other uses for a mighty caster like this in your home.

For a bit of fun, we pulled this list together of how you can use different casters around your house and business.

1. Bins and Cans

Ever bring the trash can over to the sink to throw out peels as you shred your vegetables?  How about when the recycle bin or trashcan is overstuffed, and it’s best to bring it out to the dumpster to help unload it?  Casters are perfect on the bottom of bins and trashcans to make them more portable in the kitchen.

2. Islands and Butcher Blocks

For a more industrial look in the kitchen, add casters to the bottom of your butcher block or island.  This also helps with moving them out of the way when more space is needed or different configuration is needed when guests come over.

3. Beds

Keeping with the industrial look, adding casters to your beds will help keep the industrial motif going.  Casters attached to your bed also help move it out of the way for easy cleaning underneath, or for those of you lucky enough to have large doors to the outside, a push of the bed to the outdoors can create quite an intimate occasion – not even kidding, this is a thing!

4. Coffee Tables

Ever have an urge to break-dance in the living room or just need more room for crafting?  When the coffee table is on casters, you can roll it away for extra space anytime!

5. Under Bed Storage

We love these rolling under bed storage boxes on casters.  They give you extra storage space in an often unused area, and are perfect in kid rooms for lego and toy storage.  If antiquing it up isn’t your thing, try using a simpler look, like with these boxes.

6.  For the Pets

Try converting an old suitcase into a dog bed, then place casters on the bottom so that the bed can be wheeled to the living room, outdoors, or by mans-best-friend at night.  You can also use as an old crate on casters as an upcycled pet feeder like our friend Summerofseventy did.

To see other fun ideas on DIY caster projects around the home, catch us on Pinterest.

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