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10 Uses for an Immersion Blender

Dynamic Mini Pro Mixer

There’s no denying that you can taste the difference of freshly made dishes from scratch. The real question (and challenge) is finding the time (and money) to create products you can scale for the commercial market. You may find that a simple homemade vinaigrette or a freshly prepared hummus makes all the difference between charging $5 or $10.

Easy to prepare and easy to store, here are a few items you can whip up with an immersion blender (like this one from Dynamic) to quickly transform menu items from ordinary to extraordinary:



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1. Whipped cream

It’s literally just, whipped cream right? Sure is—but when you make it from scratch, you forego all those added chemicals and “tinny” quality that traditional canisters impart on whipped cream. Also, consider adding a little vanilla or citrus zest for a subtle and refined flavor that will keep customers coming back for more.


2. Mayonnaise and Aioli

Use an immersion blender for mayonnaise and aioli

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It might be the little things, but I’m a sucker for freshly made mayo on my sandwich, or a garlic aioli accompaniment to my fries. It’s creamy, inexpensive and tastes profoundly better than prepackaged mayonnaise. Call it the ‘umami’ of your sandwich—guests won’t know why it tastes so good, just that it’s the best sandwich they’ve ever had!


3. Creamy Vinaigrette

Use an immersion blender for a creamy vinaigrette.

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A housemade vinaigrette quickly turns a hum-drum salad into something spectacular. Easily transform your regular menu salad into seasonal favorites when you pair with a variety of vinaigrette that showcase what’s currently in season. It’s a simple way to add the popular ‘farm to table’ flair to your restaurant.


4. Pesto

Use an immersion blender for pesto.

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This Italian favorite is extremely versatile, and can be used on sandwiches, pastas, chicken, potatoes, salads and more. Try making the traditional way with basil and roasted pine nuts, or get creative and utilize different greens like spinach to create a nut-free option for guests with allergies. Pesto also has a great shelf life, and can typically be stored for up to 10 days.


5. Hummus

Use an immersion blender for hummus.

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A common appetizer perfect before lunch, dinner, or as a midday snack, hummus is lauded by many as a deliciously healthy treat that pairs well with a cold brew (we need to get our calories from somewhere, right). You can also get creative by whipping up batches that include red pepper, avocado, and (my favorite) some jalapeño for an added kick.


6. Mashed potatoes

Use an immersion blender for mashed potatoes.

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A side dish that’s quick to prepare and easily dressed up (truffled mashed potatoes anyone?), an immersion blender helps you remove all the bumps and lumps in mashed potatoes that food processors and blenders may leave behind.


7. Soups

Use an immersion blender for pureed soups.

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When you’re making a creamed or puréed soup, save the extra step of moving your soup into a blender or food processor by using an immersion blender in the stock pot itself. Not only will you minimize product loss bound to occur by changing vessels, but you’ll save yourself some extra dish work by keeping your sink free and clear.


8. Tomato Sauce

Use an immersion blender for tomato sauce.

Photo Credit | © iStockPhoto

When you don’t have time to cook tomatoes down in your tomato sauce, try blending them instead. A quick way to add a lot of flavor to your dish, fresh tomato sauce will exhibit brighter flavors than competitor’s canned varieties.


9. Coulis

Use an immersion blender for savory and sweet coulis

Photo Credit | © iStockPhoto

A fancy way to refer to a thick sauce made from pureed and strained vegetables or fruit, you’ll find that a coulis is an easy way to elevate both sweet and savory dishes alike. Featuring concentrated flavor in a visually appealing bright color, a coulis can easily be paired to elevate existing menu items and delight diners.


10. Desserts

Use an immersion blender for desserts like cheesecake.

Photo Credit | © iStockPhoto

You don’t need a large commercial-sized mixture if you’ve just started to dapple in baking. Cheesecake, crepe filling, and more is easily made in advance with an immersion blender that lets you prep, mix and store all in the same large container.

People are willing to pay more for value, but it’s your job to create and deliver that value in the first place. With just a little extra work, you can easily enhance your existing menu items to deliver a beautiful (and delicious) dish.

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How to Install Expanding Stem Casters [Video]

Installing expanding stem casters can seem like a difficult job, but it is actually very simple and greatly increases the functionality of your equipment!

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Hi. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, and in today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to properly install your expanding stem casters to your shelving unit. Here’s a variety of the components that you’re likely to see in this process. We obviously have our shelf post with the stem leg that we need to replace. We have our expanding stem caster, a 19 mm wrench, some channel locks, and a rubber mallet or a hammer. First, what you’re going to do is pop off this little plastic cap, and you can see the bottom of this leg looks very much like a nut head. Be sure you get a nice grip of your channel locks on the hex nut, and once you have a nice firm grip, just take the mallet and just hammer a couple of times until it pops out the bottom.

Once you got your expanding stem caster, you notice when you put it in the bottom of your shelf post, it’s pretty loose and it’s not snug and definitely insecure and could just easily fall right out. Here’s what you really need to do. You notice that there’s a nut right above this black rubbers sleeve. I’m going to screw this down so that way we tighten this rubber sleeve to where it flexes outward, and that’s going to be able to get a grip inside that shelf post. Now, you can put it in the bottom of your shelf post. It should be a little tight to get in there in the first place. It’s much more firm now. Once you get your expanding stem caster in the post and it’s pretty firm because you’ve tightened the rubber sleeve, go ahead and get your 19 mm wrench, put it on that nut, and we can go ahead and finish tightening a little bit further.

It may feel like it’s just spinning but know that once you tighten the rubber sleeve to begin with to put it in there, that’s going to get your grip for it to keep tighten for it to keep tightening as you spin this around. Now, we have it tight, and you can see that caster’s not coming out of that shelf post, much more safe shelving unit. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t have a wrench handy, that as long as you have that rubber sleeve gripping nice and tight in that post, all you need to do is also grab the bottom of this housing and twist it from there and that can also tighten your caster on your post.

I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, and that’s how you properly install your expanding stem casters to a shelving unit. Don’t forget to comment below and subscribe to our YouTube channel and be sure to call our sales floor if you have any further questions.

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Swingin’ Jazz” by Nicolai Heidlas is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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Swingin’ Jazz” by Nicolai Heidlas is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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