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Let the Dream Begin: How Was the Winner Picked?

Adam HegstedFrom the beginning of the Dreamstaurant contest, we announced that our panel of judges would ultimately be choosing who the winner of the contest was, but what we didn’t announce was how they would ultimately be choosing that winner.  At the time of launch, however, even our own judges were undecided on how they would make their final decision.

Yesterday was our final day though, and as all three of our judges sat down to make a decision, they made their final decision based on 8 different categories:

  • Market Potential
  • Scope of Project
  • Creativity of Concept
  • Social Response
  • Timeline
  • Financial Backing
  • Strength of Business Plan
  • Contestant Experience

When they totaled up their final scores, it was Christine Ruch, Robert Schoene and Adam Hegsted who were leading the pack, but it was Adam that had the highest points out of all three of these top choices.

We here at Tundra want to personally congratulate Adam for his win and can’t wait to see Wood Smoke come alive… let the dream begin.

Learn more about our Dreamstaurant winner and continue to follow Adam’s story here on The Back Burner.

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