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Setting Up Grill Zones: Keep Those Veggies Away From the Meat

Restaurant Grill Zones

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Odds are, if you work the grill in a restaurant, you’re already a seasoned veteran in the art of grill zones. There are your hot zones that cook meats at the temperature needed for medium to well-done and other cooler spots that cook it perfectly between rare to medium-rare. There are also other spots for veggies and softer food types, but did you know that there should always be an area specifically designated for your vegetarian and vegan guests? Because different types of oils need to be used for these guests (no animal by-products), it’s best to keep meats and oils, such as bacon grease, well away from the veggie friendly zone. Your grill should be set up so that anyone that comes up to the grill knows exactly what area is for what – no need to worry about cross-contamination for your vegetarian and vegan friendly fans. Maintaining grill zones also helps prevent cross-contamination for other dietary restrictions, like allergens. Taking an extra step toward food safety is easy when you stay organized in the kitchen.

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