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Shopping for the Right Knife

Kitchen Knives

When shopping for cutlery, there are plenty of different price points for knives suggesting a range of qualities. Picking the right knife comes down to how it feels in your hand when you’re cutting. Most chefs would recommend cutting with a friend’s knife before purchasing a new one, but if you can’t do that, at least knowing the different styles of knives can help you narrow down the options.

The most used all-purpose knife in Western kitchens is the chef’s knife. These knives are versatile in that they allow for a diverse set of cuts and applications. Santoku knives are similar to chef’s knives, but have a thinner blade, which makes them better for slicing vegetables. From there, you get more specialized with the other knife types: boning knives, paring knives, cleavers, etc.
Final recommendations, find a knife that feels lightweight, but sturdy in your hand, has a comfortable grip, and is sharp. If you aren’t familiar with the different brands of knives, try a less expensive option before investing in a pricier one. The brand of knife you choose is completely dependent on what feels right; so it’s worth trying out a few.


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