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[Buying Guide] Food Safety 101

Food Safety Buying Guide

In the wake of recent outbreaks, practicing food safety is more important than ever. Of course no one ever wants to fall victim to scandal, which not only puts guests at risk, but could cause irreparable damage to your restaurant and reputation. Unfortunately there is no surefire way to completely remove contaminants in the restaurant, however there are easy ways you and your staff can minimize the risk of an outbreak.

In our new Buying Guide: Food Safety 101, we outline helpful food safety tools to help protect you and your guests in the restaurant. For example, you know that thermometers are widely used for ensuring proteins are cooked properly, but had you considered using an infrared thermometer (like this one from Comark) for testing deliveries from your supplier? We also love the selection of Kleen-Pails® from San Jamar to help staff keep sanitizer and cleaning solution separate; you’ll find this is a simple way to eliminate confusion among staff members.

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