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Shopping Guide: Spring Cleaning for Restaurants

tundra-floor-cleaner-59239Throughout most of human history, spring has been a time for deep cleaning. As the air warms and winter recedes, now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and give your restaurant a thorough tip-to-toe scrubbing. We have some products that will help your spring cleaning efforts!

Floor Rescue
In the winter months, customers track in snow, gravel and caustic ice-melt, and floors take a severe beating. Early spring is the perfect time to give them some extra attention. Giving your carpet, wood and tile floors some extra love will increase their longevity and keep your restaurant looking sharp.

Restroom Revitalization
Get this: according to a poll by Harris Interactive, 88 percent of people who encounter a dirty restroom think that’s how the kitchen looks too. Yikes! But you already knew that, and you obviously clean your bathrooms daily. But sometimes it’s smart to invest in new equipment and supplies to make your job a little easier! Tundra has what you need to clean restrooms and comfort your patrons.

window-washing-kit-83239Window Washing
How can you expect to lure hungry passersby if your windows are coated with dirt, dust and grime? Clean windows are incredibly important if your restaurant relies on foot traffic. This window washing kit from Continental Manufacturing will help you snag more walk-ins as the weather warms up.

Safety Check
Spring is a good time to make sure you’re fully stocked on first aid supplies, because creating a safe environment for your employees isn’t just a legal obligation—it’s the right thing to do!

granite-steel-cleaner-nbcnewgranite5Green Cleaning
A month from now we’ll celebrate Earth Day. What is your restaurant doing to minimize its impact on future generations? Cleaning agents can be pretty nasty, so if you’re looking to be a little kinder to the environment, switching to eco-friendly products is a great place to start.

The bonus to going green? Happy patrons. According to one survey, 84 percent of U.S. adults prefer to do business with a company that uses environmentally-friendly products and practices.

Quick Spring Cleaning Checklist for Restaurants

Here’s a quick list of some common things to inspect and consider replacing when undergoing spring cleaning:

  • Door/Refrigeration Gaskets
  • Wire and Refrigeration Shelves
  • Food Bins and Storage Tubs
  • Grease Baffles
  • Burners and Burner Grates
  • Ice/H2O Filters
  • Floor Mats
  • Walk-in Vinyl Drapes/Air Curtains
  • Plumbing Fixtures
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