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Learn To Spoon Swoosh

Spoon Swoosh on Plate

It’s funny how intimidating it can seem to add a little presentation to a dish, which is why the majority of us plop our meals on a plate when we’re at home and totally leave plating décor to the wayside.  But what may look like takes hours to complete, is actually quite easy. Besides Chefs don’t have time to waste on plating – whatever presentation they bring to the table has to be quick.

Enter the spoon swoosh.  One of the go-to presentation additions for many Chefs is the spoon swoosh – that spoon drag through a puree that gives just a hint of décor to the plate.  The good part is that it’s easy to pull off (and easy to completely mess up, but practice makes perfect).  Here’s how you too can pull of the spoon swoosh like the pros:

1. You have to start with the sauce or puree.  Get a spoonful of whatever sauce goes with the meal and pour it onto a plate.

Spoon Swoosh on Plate

2. Now dip the tip of the spoon in the middle of the sauce drip and tilt it at an angle to get ready to drag across the plate.

Spoon Swoosh on Plate

3. Finally, drag the spoon away from the sauce drip to leave an attractive sauce tail.

Spoon Swoosh on Plate

4. Wait, one more step.  Never go back and try to fix the swoosh… you’ll just mess it up.  If you don’t get it on the first try, then wipe it up and start over again.

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