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Extreme Mixology: Inhaling Vaportinis

Inhale A Vaportini at The Red KivaMixology is a hot trend in food service.  More and more bars and restaurants are investing in exotic flavors and unique blends to make cocktails that draw customers in and tantalize their taste buds.  There are even professional “mixologists” who dedicate their time to the art of developing the next trendy cocktail.

The Red Kiva Lounge in Chicago has apparently taken mixology to a new level with Vaportinis: a shot of alcohol that’s heated, and, instead of being drunk, is inhaled as it evaporates from the heat.  The result is a head rush akin to smoking a cigarette as the alcohol is absorbed through the lungs.

The owner of The Red Kiva got the idea for Vaportinis after a trip to Finland, where vodka is poured over hot coals and then inhaled during an annual winter festival.  After developing a special container that heats the alcohol and then allows the customer to inhale through a straw, The Red Kiva started offering several different types of alcohol in their Vaportinis.

The more exotic mixology gets, the more interesting the ways people will find to ingest alcohol.  The quest for the next trendy drink continues to yield innovations like the Vaportini.  The biggest hurdle to this drink is reminding people that inhaling alcohol still gets you drunk.  No word on how a breathalyzer reacts to someone whose been “smoking” alcohol.

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  1. Wow! This is pretty cool. I must say that I do enjoy all the different martinis restaurants have come out with. For instance one of my new favorites is the tangtini…yep..that’s right TANG!

    The only question I have is…what does this do to your lungs? And…how long does it last?

    • I don’t think anybody’s studied the effects on your lungs of inhaling alcohol vapors. I can’t imagine it would be anything too terrible however. It lasts the same amount of time as drinking alcohol – depending on your blood alcohol content and your weight, your body will process the alcohol at a set rate. The only difference is that inhaling alcohol puts it into your bloodstream much, much faster, so be careful!

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