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How to Buy a Hatco Strip Heater

Few things are worse than cooking a beautiful dish only to have it overcooked and dried out because of a heat lamp or strip heater. Because of this reason, strip heaters can sometimes get a bad rap. But in reality, strip heaters do an excellent job at keeping your food …

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Are Guest Checks Dead?

With an estimated 2 billion smartphone users in the world, it’s safe to say technology is here to stay. As tableside ordering and payment becomes more common, you may be asking what’s next for the humble guest check. Guest checks have long been helpful for recording orders (including sides, substitutions …

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Now’s the Time to Tackle Your Walk In Cooler

For many restaurants, the short period after the holidays and before Valentine’s Day is a notoriously slow period as customers come back from vacations and ease into the daily grind. For many of you, it’s known as the best time to tackle the behemoth of your back of house—the walk-in …

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Trends in Chef Wear

While you may not see many of today’s chefs rocking the toque blanche (the traditional chef’s hat which has become an icon in its own right), the white, double-breasted jacket is still the standard uniform found in most kitchens today. But in a world where anything goes, many chefs are …

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Pizza Supplies: The Basics

Pizza is an internationally-loved food. If you operate a pizzeria, are thinking of opening one, or even have pizza on your menu, stock up on the right pizza supplies to make your pie the talk of the town. For a relatively simple dish, pizza requires a number of supplies from …

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[Buying Guide] Commercial Food Processors

In many ways your commercial food processor is the third pair of hands you’ve always wanted. Prep work, a necessity in all kitchens, takes several hours of your (already) busy schedule. If you’re lucky enough to have a few people on your kitchen staff that chore is shared amongst the …

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Gifts for the Chef or Cook in Your Life

In many ways, I find shopping for the home cook or chef in your life relatively easy—maybe because it’s my passion. I can’t walk past a kitchen store without ogling the goodies inside; so it’s safe to say that my friends and family know they can’t go wrong with choosing …

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