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How to Buy a Hatco Strip Heater

Few things are worse than cooking a beautiful dish only to have it overcooked and dried out because of a heat lamp or strip heater. Because of this reason, strip heaters can sometimes get a bad rap. But in reality, strip heaters do an excellent job at keeping your food at a safe holding temperature. Not only is it important to keep your food out of the danger zone, you want to time dishes appropriately so that every dish you serve is hot and fresh for each customer.

Lucky for you, you can avoid potential issues by ensuring you order the right type and size of strip heater for your space and needs. Manufacturers like Hatco have been providing innovative solutions to your waring and holding needs for decades. From ceramic to infrared strip heaters, Hatco has just what you need for your restaurant. Learn more about ordering the right type and size strip heater in the video below:

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