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Learn how to buy the right restaurant equipment and supplies right here.

Rosseto Catering & Buffet Supplies With Style

Rosseto is not like your average catering supplier.  They strive to bring a sense of style and elegance to the catering and buffet world that is unlike most.  With clean-cut lines, their eye-catching products help display the beauty that is in catering, the food.  From dry food dispensers to some …

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Product Spotlight: Vollrath Food Prep Equipment

Vollrath Food Prep Equipment

Jacob Vollrath started the Vollrath Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, over 135 years ago, manufacturing pots, pans, plates, cups and other kitchenware by coating cast iron with ceramic glaze. Since then the company has switched to stainless steel and grown into a major manufacturer with a fan base that spans the …

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Product Spotlight: Sharp Commercial Microwaves

Did you know that Sharp Corporation started in Japan in 1912 with a line of groundbreaking mechanical pencils? Over a century later, Sharp is still on the technological vanguard, and their stellar lineup of commercial microwaves is a perfect illustration of their pedigree and enduring commitment to innovation. Combining reliability …

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What is a Rethermalizer?

A rethermalizer is a heavy cooking appliance that works to heat up pre-packed foods from a chilled or frozen state (below 40⁰F) to a temperature above 165⁰F, in about 90 minutes.  It is also capable of holding the temperature of food at 150⁰F, until ready to serve.  The main difference …

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Why Aren’t You Weighing Your Dry Ingredients?

Most bakers will tell you that one of their must-have-kitchen tools is a good scale that is capable of measuring in precise increments.  That’s because they rely on the scale to weigh out their ingredients, rather than simply scooping it up.  For example, take flour that has been packed in …

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Shopping Guide: Commercial Toasters

Unless you’re in the bread business, the likelihood of you having to dig into the logistics of toasters probably isn’t high on your list.  But for those delis and breakfast joints, making sure the bread is toasted just right is essential to business.  Besides, what would a great burger be …

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