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Product Spotlight: Detecto Scales


Founded in 1900 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, by three immigrants—the Jacob brothers—the Detecto Scale Company is a quintessential American success story of entrepreneurship, ingenuity and hard work.

Over a century later, and now under the under the ownership of Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company of Webb City, Missouri, Detecto continues to build high-quality scales made right here in the U.S. with American-made parts, offering an impressive lineup of analog and digital measuring devices that bring precision to bakeries, grocery stores, chain restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, pizzerias, hospitals and other food establishments worldwide.

Baker dough scales
Bakers and bakeries the world over rely on Detecto’s mechanical dough scales to provide fast, reliable readings. Every scale is USDA approved and has two 9-inch diameter plates, an even-balance, and mechanical weight beam for simple, efficient operation. Baker dough scales are available with a stainless steel base or white enamel finish.

Portion scales
Detecto’s food portion scales boast an extensive set of features in a single, compact machine, and they are indispensable items in busy cafeterias, delis and pizza parlors. With a easily readable display screen and responsive keypad, they help restaurants of all sizes improve their portion consistency and boost their overall profitability.

Ingredient scales
To use Detecto’s own words, “ingredient scales should provide simple cleanup and easy use.” Mission accomplished. Their ingredient scales offer just that: ease and simplicity. And their PZ series has a very cool “Lite Weigh” mechanism that gives audible confirmations of zero as well as completely touchless ingredient zeroing.

ISO certified
Detecto takes great pride in their work, and their goal is to make the best scales in the world. To measure their progress toward that lofty ambition, Detecto relies on ISO certification, a set of independent standards for consistency, quality and customer satisfaction.

“ISO certification imparts to our customers that Detecto has enforced a rigid system of checks and balances which assure, on a daily basis, that our customers come first in our thinking,” says Detecto president David Perry. “It is indeed a total proactive system of quality goods and services for our customers.”

Detecto + Tundra
Tundra proudly carries over 100 Detecto scales. See the whole lineup in our flyer or visit our main website at eTundra.com to browse our selection!

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