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State Fair Must-Haves to Keep Serving Up Good Eats

When you’re organizing a State Fair there are plenty of things you need to have on hand beyond just food and crowds. But we didn’t want to just give you a long list of concession items; instead, we took this great example from Buzzfeed, and gave it our own spin.

State Fairs and Summer Festivals can get messy. Get janitorial supplies to keep it clean.

1. You’ll need extra janitorial supplies, because you know there’s going to be a mess.  There’s always a mess.

And make sure you have plenty of disposables & trash bags on hand.

2. You’ll also need plenty of paper towels, napkins, and disposable plates, so hopefully people can maintain their own messes – don’t forget the trash bags to uphold trash levels!

Who's up for some chocolate covered corn dogs?

3. To compete for the most extreme State Fair eats, you’ll definitely have to stock up on the right merchandisers and supplies – chocolate covered corn dogs anyone?

Fried foods? Tried the donut hamburger yet?

4. And fried foods, yeah, you need to be prepared for your next fried food concoction too. Donut hamburgers… may be good?

If you have the right parts, you can repair anything with a little elbow grease!

5. You’re in the middle of State Fair week and something breaks.  This is the time for breaks, because the closest supplier is miles away.  Don’t be jealous that your neighbor thought ahead and made sure he had all the extra parts needed to make quick repairs.

Stock up on tables & chairs before State Fair season comes!

6. Tables? Chairs? Drapes? Booth Equipment?  Why rent when you can buy it and reuse it every year (shh, it also saves you more money this way).

Velvet Rope Man - Bringing Love to Crowd Barriers Everywhere.

7. Step right up!  Velvet rope isn’t just for corralling the crowds, it also adds a little pizazz to your booth.

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