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Trends in Chef Wear

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While you may not see many of today’s chefs rocking the toque blanche (the traditional chef’s hat which has become an icon in its own right), the white, double-breasted jacket is still the standard uniform found in most kitchens today. But in a world where anything goes, many chefs are taking kitchen uniforms into their own hands.

For those tired of donning the same whites in the kitchen for the last twenty years, you’re in luck! Many chefs are expanding their wardrobe and trading in their whites for charcoals and even blacks. Not only does a darker color instantly update your look, but it’s easier to mask splatters or spills.

Aprons are also getting a facelift with new fabrics like canvas and denim, with some even showcasing a “waxed finish” look. These new aprons utilize grommets or single rings to be at the forefront of fashion. Evoking an urban vibe that’s both organic and effortless, these aprons will hold up to messy preparations and will keep you looking pristine.

Still want to rock the whites but seeking an update? Look for zippered chef jackets which utilize zippers instead of the traditional buttons. Not only do zippers make it easy to take your jacket on and off, but many styles zip from the top and bottom, enabling you more flexibility when it comes to your comfort. Modern styles of chef coats also feature breathable options like cool vents (a lifesaver in a hot kitchen), thermometer pockets on the arm and even a tab at the base of the neck to help secure your apron. Some chefs are even opting for a ¾ sleeve, which helps keep sleeves cleaner during service. With these advancements in chef wear, you’ll find that even your classic whites are anything but traditional!

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