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Types of Food Warmers

Tundra Restaurant Supply BuffetWhen we think of food warmers, we think of the countertop warmers that can be used for commercial or residential purposes. Yet, there are a variety of food warmers (and warmers in general), that can help outfit any catering or restaurant business.

Of the more than 700 products categorized as warming and/or holding equipment here at Tundra, here are the different categories we offer:

Countertop Warmers
Countertop warmers are perfect for keeping smaller food portions warm, and one of the most common types used in homes. Capacities range from 3 quarts to 6 gallons, and come in the following varieties: rectangular food warmers, round warmers, soup kettles, heated shelves, rice warmers and drop-in warmers.

Heated Banquet and Transport Carts
These types of warmers are definitely for the catering business on the go. They are built to hold anywhere from 9 pans of food to 36 pans, and are completely portable! So even if the event is running late, it doesn’t mean the food has to go cold.

Plate Warmers
Much like a cold bench can make you cringe when you plop down on it, a cold plate can turn an entire meal sour. Restaurants love to use plate warmers to make sure the food stays nice and warm throughout the meal, while home cooks love to use them to make sure that holiday food gets warmed even if you’re the last one through the buffet line.

Overhead Warmers
Heat lamps and strip warmers are commonly used to make sure food stays warm for a short period of time; other common overhead warmer uses are for carving stations and buffet serving. We even have stylish suspended heat lamps for food lines that are seen by the public.

Drawer Warmers
These types of warmers are the kitchen multi-tasker when it comes to keeping food hot. They can be used to keep breads and rolls at the right temperature throughout dinner service… or to keep just about any other type of food warm until ready to be served.

Proofing and Holding Cabinets
Similar to heated banquet and transport carts, these types of warmers come in compact and large sizes, but the main difference is that they also help with proofing dough – making them perfect for bakeries and delis.

Heated Dispensers
Heated dispensers scream munchy food! They’re perfect for toppings like nacho cheese, chili and butter. There are also syrup warmers to make sure pancakes and waffles don’t become cold when hit by the sticky topping.

Steam Tables
From large buffet tables (some are even portable) to smaller steam tables that are perfect for small gatherings, these variety of food warmers are the typical go-to product for restaurants and residences that love to show off their culinary skills.

Heated Merchandisers
These types of warmers are used to keep food warm while pleasantly displaying the food to guests. They include pizza, pretzel, nacho and soup warmers, as well as, large displaying cases.

Bun Warmers
There’s nothing better than the smell and taste of a warmed bun to go with a hot dog. These bun warmers are the perfect companion for keeping all types of buns warm, and can hold 24 – 64 buns at a time.

Restaurant Range Bain Maries
In the culinary world a bain marie is a container that uses hot water to keep foods warm and to cook delicate foods like custards – mmm, crème brulee. Our smallest bain maries is 16 ” W × 31 1/2″ D × 14 5/8″ H, where our largest is 19 11/16″ W × 35 7/16″ D × 35 7/16″ H (this one includes two side operations).

Towel Warmers
Towel warmers are more commonly used in Japanese style restaurants to add to the customers’ experience. At Tundra, we offer three types of towel heaters: 40-80 piece heater, 120-240 piece heater and 180-320 piece heater.

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