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Happy Earth Day!


As we all know, recycling and reusing are core tenets of the environmental movement. To honor those goals, we’re going to reuse some pixels and highlight some of the many “Going Green” blog posts in our archives.

We’ve been banging the drum for the environment for quite a long time, so whether you’re looking for money-saving tips or ideas on how to build a sustainability plan for your restaurant, you’re sure to find something here. Happy reading!

Grow Local

The local food movement has hit the mainstream and that’s a wonderful thing to behold. Sourcing food locally allows restaurants to hit all of the key checkboxes of sustainability: people, planet and profit.

How To Source Food Locally: A Business Guide To Success
Restaurants and Farmers Work Together To Reduce Waste and Improve Crop Yields
The Conflict Between Local Food And Local Government
Chefs Make Their Own Honey
Greener and Cheaper: Restaurants Grow Their Own Food

Reducing Water & Food Waste

Reducing waste is a perennial goal in the restaurant industry. Given that there’s roughly 990,000 food-service establishments in the U.S. alone, reducing waste  is a big deal,  for both the planet and the bottom line.

Today’s Food Scraps = Tomorrow’s Soup du Jour
Recycling the Notion of Going Green
How To Save On Toilet Paper & Other Paper Products
Green Restaurant Tips: Recycling Feels Good
10 Tips For Commercial Water Conservation
Your Restaurant’s Guide To Commercial Composting
Stop Giving Waste Fryer Oil Away!
Becoming A “Zero Landfill Company” Is A Journey
Use Edible Scraps To Create Restaurant Family Meals
How A Low Flow Valve Can Improve Your Cash Flow (AND Green Cred)
Green Restaurants: Turning Food Waste Into Electricity
Is Your Restaurant’s Commercial Dish Machine Efficient?
Dipper Wells: Why You Should Turn Yours Off TODAY

Sustainable Seafood

Want your guests to really enjoy your seafood entrees?  Serve sustainable, ocean-friendly fish and shellfish and tell ’em all about it! They’ll appreciate your commitment to environmental responsibility and be more likely to come back.

Who Wants Some Iridescent Shark?
Darden Group Driving Sustainable Seafood Practices
Sardines: Sustainable AND Delectable??
Serve Sustainable Seafood
Can We Bring Bluefin Tuna Back From The Brink?

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a classic example of a win-win. Using less energy means lower CO2 emissions and a healthier planet for future generations. It also means lower operating costs and bigger profits for you.

A Really Easy Way To Make Commercial Steam Tables Energy Efficient
Energy Management Systems, Restaurants, and ROI – Part 1
Energy Management Systems, Restaurants, and ROI – Part 2
Energy Management Systems, Restaurants and ROI – Part 3
4 Strategies For Better Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency
How To Become A LEED Certified Restaurant and Why You Should
Is Your Restaurant Exhaust System Sucking Up Money?
17 Energy Efficiency And Going Green Tips
Restaurant Energy Efficiency: 10 Tips
Green Restaurant Tips: Use Efficiency Rebates!
Efficient Water Heating in Restaurants
How Hybrid Water Heating Can Make Your Restaurant As Cool As A Prius
The EndoTherm Thermometer: Does It Really Help You Save Energy and Improve Food Safety?
10 Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Restaurant
Which Energy Efficiency Upgrades Are The Best Investment?
Green Restaurant Tips: Restaurant Energy Management Systems

Building Sustainability into Your Brand

Want to do well by doing good? Incorporating your existing sustainability efforts into your marketing is a great way to distinguish your restaurant from the competition and build a loyal fan base of like-minded patrons.

Green Initiatives: A Rise In Cost Or A Part Of Your Marketing Budget?
The Green Restaurant Association: Sustainable Knowledge Is Power
Green Consumer Trend Still Going Strong
Why Chipotle’s Food With Integrity Is Good Business

Green Tips and How-To’s

Want to reduce your footprint and cut operating costs? We have some good ideas for you!

Efficient Restaurant Tips: Manage Equipment
Ten Cheap Ways To Increase Restaurant Efficiency (AND Profits!)
How to be a Green Restaurant and Cut Costs
Green Restaurant Tips: Manage Equipment
This Isn’t American Idol: How Chipotle Went Platinum
Green Restaurant Tips: Looking Past Your Kitchen
7 Sustainability Tips For Your Restaurant
4 Steps For Building An Effective Sustainability Plan For Your Restaurant
7 Sustainability Tips For Your Restaurant

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