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Restaurant Industry Guesting Posting Opportunities

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Looking for opportunities to build your brand or have an itching topic you just must get out there?  Then come along and write with us.

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Why Write for Tundra

  • Get your work published in front of over 15,000 monthly readers.
  • Add to your link building efforts with backlinks back to your own site.
  • Get full credit for your posts and have your articles come up in search results when potential clients and employers Google your name.
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How We Write

We believe in providing content for our readers that is useful, informative and sometimes just a little fun, but the most important part is that we write for our readers – not search engine crawlers.  Basically, if you have a passion to write for the food service and restaurant industry, you’d likely be a perfect fit for writing content with us!

Our Brand Voice

We believe that our brand voice is one that is approachable and fun, yet direct and appreciative.  We believe that to do this, we have to offer an expert opinion without sounding robotic.  We are all humans here, so why not write like that?  We want to remain real, helpful and confident, but with a hint of a sense of humor.  We like to think of ourselves as writers that are fun and knowledgeable, yet respectful; you know, like your best friend – let’s be BFFs, shall we?

Topic Guidelines

Our main audience are people that work in the food service and restaurant industry; however, we do get have a lot of food bloggers and residential readers, because they too are interested in restaurant industry topics.  Some of our topics we like to cover include:

  • Food Safety
  • Restaurant Design
  • Industry Technology
  • Going Green
  • Local Foods
  • Recipes
  • About Restaurant Supplies, Equipment, and Parts

However, we also welcome topics from other areas that we may not have touched on yet; for example, Jim Austin has contributed many posts on food safety, and he is a former Colorado Health Department Manager.  Our readers really love to hear from specialty topics like this, and they seem to perform really well in the search engines.

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Who Can Write With Us?

Anyone with original, unique, and quality content to share can write with us.  As long as the content hasn’t been published anywhere else, let’s see if we’re a good match!

We do have a few requirements though, before we publish a piece.

Content Requirements

Any content submitted must be unique.  It cannot be published elsewhere on the Internet, and it cannot be republished after we post it on our site (see republishing requirements below).  If we find that the content has already been published, we won’t be able to publish it on our site; likewise, if we see it reposted on another site afterwards, we may take it down from our site.

Republishing Requirements

Any content that is written for any of Tundra’s sites (including www.etundra.com and blog.etundra.com) belongs to Tundra Restaurant Supply.  Credits will be given to the author, but cannot be republished anywhere else.  This protects from duplicate content issues.

Editorial Requirements

Tundra may edit the guest post you send over; please don’t be offended, we would expect the same treatment from any guest post our authors submit.

Please check your content for spelling and grammar before submitting.

Link Requirements

Linking to sites that are banned from Google or are seen as having a low domain authority can negatively affect a website.  We tend to do a basic search engine optimization (SEO) check of the sites we link to, to ensure that they are relevant for our readers, and aren’t seen as “bad” from the search engines.

Upon reviewing the guest post, Tundra may add internal links to other pages on our site, which includes other blog posts and product pages on www.etundra.com.

We don’t have a set limit on the number of links that can be in a post, but each link should feel natural to the reader, and not be misleading.  Tundra may remove some links if the content reads spammy or link to pages that aren’t appropriate to the content topic.

We do not support affiliate linking.

Image Requirements

You may share your own image to go along with your content, but Tundra may end up using a different image that we feel is more appropriate for the content.

Any image that is sent in must be properly attributed and credited – we need to know that it is okay to use the image that you send.  Because of this, Tundra will typically do a copyright review to ensure that any images that go on our site are able to be freely used.

Other Requirements

We want to know more about you, and would love to link to your Google + page, so please send us a brief biography that includes a link back to your blog and your Google + page.

Some of our blog posts get multiple comments, so you need to be prepared to comment to the readers – especially on the day the post goes live.

For more great guidelines on guest posting, visit Danny Brown’s 5 Unwritten Rules of Guest Posting on Blogs.

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