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Why Every Restaurant Needs a Website

Still trying to convince yourself that your business doesn’t need a website? Think that Facebook page is doing you just fine? Think again. Here are a few stats we pulled together to help you get a better understanding of just how valuable a website can be for your restaurant (including a mobile website).

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Why Every Restaurant Needs a Website

About Kasy Allen

Kasy Allen is the owner and lead marketing strategist of Annapurna Digital, a digital marketing agency. In addition to working with Tundra Restaurant Supply with their online marketing strategies, Kasy has helped many online brands find their online voice and an online marketing strategy that brings in the right users and increased revenue. When not in the office, Kasy can be found exploring the great outdoors of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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  1. I agree that people research a restaurant’s website before visiting, especially on their phone. In today’s society, it’s a great idea to market yourself any possible way you can to get your name and brand out there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, what an incredible info graphic! I have to say that it initially came as a blow that 51 percent of restaurants still don’t have a professional website, but I have had to do extensive research on various establishments and this statistic does check out. I also really like you’re point about Facebook not being a good substitution, because I can say personally that it is a real let down.

  3. You are right on target. I have never understood why any legitimate business owner thinks they don’t need a website. If nothing, else they need to provide potential clients/customers that they are up on technology which shows progressive thinking.

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