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Tested: Victorinox Knives [Video]

Victorinox is a brand known for quality and durability – but we wanted to put their reputation to the test and see how well their knives really do hold up. Before taking action from the content or resources published here, we request that you visit and review our terms of use.   Transcript: Hi, I’m […]

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How Often Should You Calibrate a Thermometer?

Although, the FDA doesn’t have strict documentation listed on how often restaurateurs and others in the food service industry should be calibrating thermometers, in order for HACCP plans to be successful, it’s important that thermometers are calibrated to measure within +/- 2° F (1.1° C) of the actual temperature being monitored. However, the FDA and […]

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Sharp Twin Touch Microwave Demo [Video]

Oskar Blues, in addition to being a local purveyor of some great beer, runs a 600-seat bar and restaurant down the street from their brewery in Longmont, Colorado. We traveled up the road to see how they utilize the Sharp Twin Touch microwave to keep up with the demands of a high-volume kitchen. Shop the […]

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Globe Shopping Guide

Globe Mixer Shopping Guide

When shopping for new equipment, it can be overwhelming to weed through the differences from one piece to the next, but the good news is that when it comes to shopping for new Globe mixers, we can help make that decision a little easier. Estimated Price Bowl Quarts Placement Speeds Horsepower Electrical Output Amps Globe […]

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Repairs Help Open Doors

“Love is an Open Door” Frozen Parody I’ll warn you upfront, if you haven’t seen the movie Frozen and been privy enough to hear the addicting melodies, then this isn’t going to make much sense.  But for those “Love is an Open Door” fans, we came up with our own parody – that’s right, DIY […]

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Hospitality, Service & Reviews

Shopping for Hotel & Hospitality Supplies?

We may be your go to supplier for restaurant supplies, but we have plenty of other widgets and gadgets that fit perfectly well outside of the restaurant, which is exactly why we have our specialty shops.  This month, we’re featuring our hotel and hospitality specialty shop that has plenty of categories to keep any well-appointed […]

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