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April Showers Bring … FREE SHIPPING!

It’s really happening, ladies and gentlemen. Although spring officially started over a month ago, it’s finally starting to feel like spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the ladybugs are doing their ladybug thing. (Ladybugs are fascinating insects, btw.) To celebrate this season of growth and revitalization, we invite you to enjoy […]

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How to Calibrate Digital Thermometers [Video]

Learn how to calibrate your digital probe thermometers! While not all digital and infrared thermometers can be calibrated, you can still check the accuracy to ensure a good temperature reading! Before taking action from the content or resources published here, we request that you visit and review our terms of use.   Transcript: I’m Chris […]

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Happy Earth Day!

As we all know, recycling and reusing are core tenets of the environmental movement. To honor those goals, we’re going to reuse some pixels and highlight some of the many “Going Green” blog posts in our archives. We’ve been banging the drum for the environment for quite a long time, so whether you’re looking for […]

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Catering & Buffet Specialty Shop at Tundra Restaurant Supply

Catering & Buffet Specialty Shop Must-Have’s

Although catering season seems to always be in high growth, we see that during the holidays and the warmer months, catering sales definitely hit an all-time high.  It’s the time of year that people would rather be catered too than spend hours in the kitchen, and when wedding bells are set to ring, there’s always […]

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Enter to Win a Vitamix Vita Prep!

This giveaway has ended. Be sure to join our email list (use the form in the top right column on this page) to be notified of future giveaways and promotions! “The Vitamix is a blender like a predator drone is a slingshot.” That’s how Brad Johnson, operations manager at Vitamix, describes these powerful machines. They […]

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Buying Guide: Kitchen Thermometers [Video]

Kitchen thermometers may seem like simple pieces of equipment, but they are available in a wide variety of makes, models, prices, and features. Learn which thermometer is best for you! Before taking action from the content or resources published here, we request that you visit and review our terms of use.   Transcript: Hi. I’m […]

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Green Is Always in Season

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), “Environmentally responsible practices are becoming the new normal across the industry, as restaurateurs recognize that recycling, waste reduction, and water and energy efficiency are good for their business and our world.” Amen to that! There are nearly 990,000 restaurant locations in the U.S., and food service is an […]

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Vitamix 5200

What Makes Vitamix …

When you type the phrase “what makes vitamix” into Google, you get the following auto-complete suggestions: “what makes vitamix so great,” “what makes vitamix so special” and “what makes vitamix so expensive.” Let’s tackle these FAQs one by one! What Makes Vitamix So Great? Instead of delving into the mechanics of how Vitamix blenders work or detailing […]

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