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Server Tips

It’s You: Three Reasons for Losing Tips

There are many servers and the occasional manager who believe that your tips are based on your clientele.  To them it’s all about the people you have.  Through my experience,  I have found this to be untrue.  Recently, I thought of some things a server could be doing wrong.  With that, I have some information […]

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10 Holiday Restaurant Marketing Tips

The folks at were kind enough to share some great marketing insights from John Foley, editor of The Restaurant Blog.  Must Have Menus is your source for food menu templates, event flyers, restaurant menu software, and restaurant marketing ideas. 1.    What are some easy, inexpensive ways to drive customer traffic to your restaurant during […]

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Restaurant Marketing With The Big Boys

Independent Restaurant Marketing – 3 Ways To Compete With The Big Boys

Big chain restaurants dominate the mass market when it comes to advertising – a fact of life that can sometimes make it difficult for smaller independent operations to be heard among all the songs about baby back ribs.  Launching a restaurant marketing campaign for an independent means less money to spend and more to lose […]

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HACCP Food Safety

HACCP Principle 2 – Defining Processes

As we discussed in the last HACCP post, you need to organize the hazards and critical control points at every step in the food preparation process. So how do you decide which points are a CCP and which can be handled by a Prerequisite Program?  A good strategy is to analyze the food preparation process […]

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