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The Taste Of Chicago Food Festival

Improve Restaurant Sales And Brand Recognition At Food Festivals

Summer food festivals have been a fixture in American culture for years.  From the Taste of Chicago to the Alabama Crawfish Festival , food festivals large and small have kept growing and expanding, even through recent economic turbulence. Tens of thousands of restaurants participate in these festivals across the country.  Participation often means closing down […]

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LEED Certification

How To Become A LEED Certified Restaurant and Why You Should

Every year, your restaurant’s green credentials on the street gets more important.  According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), it’s one of the hottest trends this year.  Companies across the board, in and out of the food service industry, have scrambled in recent years to label their brands as green, with varying degrees of success. […]

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An Evaporator Coil Sensing Thermostat

Replace Commercial Refrigeration Thermostats Yourself

There are two types of temperature controls used in commercial refrigeration: 1. Thermostatic (either an air sensing type or evaporator coil sensing type) 2. Low pressure control Let’s start with thermostatic type controls.  An air-sensing thermostat does just that: it senses air temperature.  The control sensor tube is usually mounted in the evaporator housing.  The evaporator is […]

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