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A Shortening Shuttle Hot Oil Transporter

How to Remove Hot Used Fryer Oil Safely

A commercial deep fryer is a vital piece of restaurant equipment in any kitchen.  But as anyone who has worked in a commercial kitchen knows, they can also be high maintenance when it comes to cleaning.  Changing the heating oil is a constant chore, especially in higher volume establishments, and while dirty oil means you’re […]

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Restaurant Discounts

Why Restaurants That Offer Discounts Dominate Top U.S. Brand Rankings

There has been much discussion about discounting in the restaurant business over the past few years.  Many in the industry worried that serial discounting would forever cheapen their brand and condition customers to be coupon hunters rather than loyal patrons. That’s why it was interesting to see the results of a comprehensive study released by […]

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A Combination Stick Mixer

Choosing Stick Mixers For Your Commercial Kitchen

A stick mixer is a hand-held, electronically powered device that allows chefs to mix large amounts of sauces, soups, and stews during preparation and cooking.  The motor connects to a long shaft with an attachment on the end that rotates at a high speed, making large-scale mixing projects manageable in a busy kitchen. Stick mixers […]

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