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Lincoln Centurion Cookware

Lincoln Smallwares: A Little Cookware For Everyone

Lincoln/Redco is a well recognized company within the food service industry.  In case you haven’t heard of them, they produce a variety of food prep equipment and commercial cookware.  Lincoln cookware has been in production in one form or another since the early 1900s.  Every chef is pretty particular about his or her cookware, which […]

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Crocs Work Shoes

Crocs Work Shoes: Same Function, More Style

Finding a good pair of comfortable black shoes for restaurant workers who are on their feet all day can be a challenge.  Crocs shoes are known for their durability, comfort, and great traction on even the greasiest kitchen floor.  And when Crocs came out with some stylish interpretations of their classic shoe, the food service […]

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Cor3e Value Marketing

Marketing Your Restaurant’s Core Values

In a previous post, I discussed the benefits of implementing Core Value Marketing as part of a successful growth strategy.  This type of program creates a bond with your potential guests while providing tremendous opportunities for free publicity. Most importantly, it allows you to provide much needed support to organizations in your community that need […]

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Tourists Love Helpful Info From Restaurant Staff

How to Give Customers the Extra Information They Want

Beyond recommendations about food & beverage, there are many other questions that locals and tourists ask. Use this list to build your ‘fact file’ for staff, and quiz them regularly to check they’re offering correct answers. #1 issue for most managers is ‘staff motivation and attitude’. The interesting thing is, when staff are helpful to […]

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Culinary Perfection

Telling The Customer “No” In The Name Of Culinary Perfection

For most restaurateurs saying no to a customer is something you just don’t do.  Being accommodating is an integral part of what service businesses like restaurants do, and therefore the customer gets what the customer wants. As the New York Times reported recently, a surprising number of restaurants in New York have no problem telling […]

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