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Replace Commercial Refrigeration Thermostats Yourself

There are two types of temperature controls used in commercial refrigeration: 1. Thermostatic (either an air sensing type or evaporator coil sensing type) 2. Low pressure control Let’s start with thermostatic type controls.  An air-sensing thermostat does just that: it senses air temperature.  The control sensor tube is usually mounted in the evaporator housing.  The evaporator is […]

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How To Make Your Restaurant A “Third Place”

The concept of the “third place” was first developed by Starbucks, and anyone who has been in a Starbucks immediately understands the principle: make your business feel like a home-away-from-home. Unfortunately for Starbucks they made way too many homes just as the economy turned south – tripling the number of locations in just three years […]

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Lincoln Smallwares: A Little Cookware For Everyone

Lincoln/Redco is a well recognized company within the food service industry.  In case you haven’t heard of them, they produce a variety of food prep equipment and commercial cookware.  Lincoln cookware has been in production in one form or another since the early 1900s.  Every chef is pretty particular about his or her cookware, which […]

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Crocs Work Shoes: Same Function, More Style

Finding a good pair of comfortable black shoes for restaurant workers who are on their feet all day can be a challenge.  Crocs shoes are known for their durability, comfort, and great traction on even the greasiest kitchen floor.  And when Crocs came out with some stylish interpretations of their classic shoe, the food service […]

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Marketing Your Restaurant’s Core Values

In a previous post, I discussed the benefits of implementing Core Value Marketing as part of a successful growth strategy.  This type of program creates a bond with your potential guests while providing tremendous opportunities for free publicity. Most importantly, it allows you to provide much needed support to organizations in your community that need […]

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