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Why Employee Benefits Are A Food Safety Issue

One of the biggest sources of contamination in any restaurant are the people who prepare and serve your customer’s food.  According to official food safety regulations, sick workers are supposed to go home, or even better, not come in at all while they are capable of spreading germs. Unfortunately, two realities make sending a sick […]

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The Birth of Interactive Dining

If you’ve been to The Back Burner before, then you’ve heard me talk about one of the hottest culinary trends of the past year: so-called “underground” fine dining.  This movement started on the West Coast and has quickly spread to most of the major cities in America.  Each version is different, but all underground dining […]

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restaurant beverage trends

The Power & Money Behind Drink Sales in Your Restaurant

The quantity, variety, and quality of non-alcoholic drinks available in restaurants has grown exponentially in just a few years.  This trend isn’t an accident –  according to a recent study by Technomic, 86% of consumers purchased a beverage somewhere in July 2010.  That’s a lot of smoothies and coffees. Big chain restaurants have been quick […]

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Sustainable restaurants

4 Steps For Building An Effective Sustainability Plan For Your Restaurant

Making the decision to make your restaurant a more sustainable operation has gotten considerably easier in the last few years.  That’s because as consumer awareness grows there are more and more benefits associated with “green” restaurants.  If you’re in doubt, simply look at the National Restaurant Association’s sustainability efforts, or see how Chipotle has succeeded […]

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Restaurant Trends

Cooking In Public: Restaurants Bring Food Prep To The Customer

Kitchen culture has captured the American public’s attention in recent years with the explosion of celebrity chefs, various reality shows featuring said chefs, and dedicated cable channels like the Food Network.  All of this media attention has made consumers much more knowledgeable and very curious about the inner workings of a restaurant’s kitchen. More and […]

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Food Safety

Making The Grade: Should Restaurants Post Food Safety Info?

The Center For Science In The Public Interest, an advocacy group that has tangled with the food service industry before over menu nutrition labeling, is pushing for letter grades of restaurant’s latest health inspections to be posted in the front window. The grade works on a 100-point scale and corresponds with a restaurant’s score: 90-100 […]

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