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Menu Labeling

Obstacles to Nutrition Labeling for Restaurants

Since 1993, the FDA has required manufacturers to print nutrition labels on food packages. As Americans become increasingly obese, health-consciousness has powered the trend toward full nutrition disclosure in restaurants as well. The theory is that if we see the caloric impact of foods, we will make healthier choices and lose weight collectively. One study […]

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FDA Regulations Of Louisiana Oysters

Louisiana Restaurant Association Fighting Back Against New FDA Regulations

The Food & Drug Administration announced in October that it would place a ban on untreated oysters coming from the Gulf of Mexico.  Louisiana is the primary harvester and exporter of Gulf oysters, and the industry accounts for $318 million dollars each year. Gulf oysters have been deemed a food safety threat because a particularly […]

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Restaurant Menu Labeling

New York City Health Department Finds Menu Labeling Affects Consumer Behavior

Nutrition information on menus is a trend in food service that doesn’t seem to be going away.  Legislation is still working its way through Congress that would require menu labeling.  In the meantime, New York City has had its own menu labeling law for fast food chains in place for some time now.  The question […]

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Standardized Bar Coding For Food Service Products

Standardized Coding for Restaurant Products. It’s about time!

Maybe you missed the announcement by the National Restaurant Association, GS1 US and the IFDA concerning the new initiative for standardized labeling of restaurant industry products, or maybe you saw it and overlooked the potential impact it could have on your restaurant. The rest of the planet already has retail bar codes which are the […]

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Why Your Restaurant Should Cater Christmas Parties This Year

Christmas Ain’t What It Used To Be – But Learn How Your Restaurant Can Make More Than It Should

Without a doubt, company Christmas parties aren’t what they used to be.  The days of opulent parties stacked one after the other are clearly behind us.  On the other hand, there’s definitely some opportunity for restaurateurs looking for a little extra Christmas income. That’s because companies want to show some appreciation to their employees and […]

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This Hand Sink Has It All: Soap, Towels & Knee Pedal

Are You Ready For Flu Season?

Personally, if I never hear another story about H1N1 (swine) flu again, I’ll die a happy man.  Unfortunately, the grim reality is everyone is going to have to take steps to combat the spread of flu this winter, and restaurants are no exception.  Organizations like the National Restaurant Association are already educating restaurants about ways […]

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Need Your Company To Pick Up Lunch?

All over the country food service has been suffering from a decline in business meals, and the upscale eateries of midtown Manhattan are no exception.  Manhattan steakhouse Maloney & Porcelli’s is fighting back with a deceptively simple tool it recently made available to its customers that has the entire business district suddenly willing to spend […]

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