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Product Watch: Robot Coupe’s J80 Ultra Juicer

The new J80 Ultra juicer by Robot Coupe represents another leap forward for a company that has long been known for its reliable and innovative products. With many food service operations moving towards fresher, healthier offerings in response to increasing customer demand, a quality juicer like the J80 has become a vital tool in any kitchen’s arsenal.

Some key features of the J80 juicer:

  • Productivity.  Unique Feed System design for continuous output.
  • Lifespan.  Stainless steel motor base for longer lifepsan and hassle free cleaning.
  • Power.  Very powerful commercial grade motor with constant speed whatever the load.
  • Ergnomics.  Easy removal of the stainless steel basket for cleaning – no tool required!
  • Low Noise.  The J80 Ultra juicer has such low noise levels it can be operated in front of the customer.

If you’re looking for ways to diversify your healthy menu items, the J80 could very well be the solution.  Robot Coupe has always been known for the quality of their products, and the J80 is no different.  No vegetable or fruit is a match for the J80, and your customers will appreciate the speed and quality of the new healthy drinks on your menu.

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One comment

  1. I have been using the J80 for two weeks now. I have a small restaurant which includes a very active juice bar.

    I love the convinence of the auto-feed!! Also seems to really get all the juice out of the items we run through it.

    The only problem so far is the inability to extract leafly veges sush as spinach and parsley which we get many request for as an add on with carrot or celery juice.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Is there a fix for it?

    Bottom line is ” I LOVE this Juicer!!!” parsley or not!


    James Kelley

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