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10 Hot Trends In Food Service

Restaurant and Food Service TrendsFeel like you need to get caught up on what’s been going on in the food service industry?  Here’s some hot industry trends that will help you get up to speed:

1.  A National Tax On Soft Drinks?  The advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest is promoting a tax on soft drinks as a way to control obesity and raise money for lagging government coffers.

2.  The Kitchen Cafe’s Sustainable Restaurant Ethos – Sustainability has become a bigger and bigger issue in food service, and one Boulder restaurant has embraced the trend wholeheartedly.  Learn more in this post.

3.  Does The Rise of the Spanish Mean The Death Of French Cuisine?  – Some prominent chefs in culinary epicenters like New York have begun to promote Spanish style cuisine, and the traditional French styles have begun to fall by the wayside.

4.  4 Things You Can Learn From Restaurant Chains – Learn what big restaurant chains are doing in their establishments to stay competitive in this tough economic climate.

5.  Healthy Menus: Are Customers Saying One Thing Then Doing Another? – Just about every survey shows that consumers want to eat healthier.  But when they get to their favorite restaurant, are they actually staying away from the tasty, calorie-laden foods?

6.  NYC Restaurants make Smooth Transition Away From Trans Fats – Despite objections from the National Restaurant Association, New York passed a law banning trans fats in restaurant food.  The transition has turned out to be pretty easy.

7.  Will Congress Pay For Healthcare Reform With A Fat Tax? – The idea has been floated as a way to pay for healthcare and combat obesity at the same time: tax foods that make people fat.

8.  New Bill To Hike The Tax Deductibility of Business Meals – In a new proposal strongly supported by the food service industry, Congress is considering hiking the amount of a business meal that can be deducted from 50% to 80%.

9.  Why Your Restaurant Should Start Catering… And 4 Simple Steps To Start – More and more restaurants are taking their menu on the road with catering services as a way to expand their customer base.  Learn more in this post.

10.  How Sub Culture Dining Is Pirating Fine Dining In San Francisco – The Dissident Chef has no restaurant, changes his menu after every dinner, and doesn’t tell his customers where he will be till the day of the event.  So why is he one of the most popular chefs in San Francisco?

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