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Culinary Alumni Unite!

Alumni Helping Alumni, a place where New England area culinary alumni can come together and help each other in business.

Two culinary alumnus have joined together to create an online public marketplace to help fellow New England area, culinary alumni network and take advantage of the skills and offerings that other culinary alumni can offer them.

The idea originated as a way to help other fellow culinary alumni in these difficult economic times. Many culinary alumni have gravitated to other fields that are associated with cooking, but are no longer in the kitchens themselves, and now own their own businesses. Alumni Helping Alumni is aimed at growing both those alumni member businesses and assisting other culinary alumnus in helping them in this tough economy, by offering either a discount or offering a break on products or services.

The group welcomes all culinary alumnus from the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales and New England Culinary Institute, that would like to participate, with no personal cost to themselves, aside from pledging to give a percentage discount or other incentive off of services or products to fellow alumni who would like to do business with them.

Participants can offer whatever they would like, to either all three New England based schools or only their own alma mater, the only thing that is required is that participating alumni pledge to follow the code of the ethics created by the group and to offer something in return to other alumni. Alumni taking advantage of the network do not need to be network “members” but they are encouraged to give back if they have an avenue for doing so.

We foresee the network growing to include all types of businesses, whether it be wholesale or retail goods, services pertaining to any aspect of the food service industry or food service establishments agreeing to give service or discounts to other alumni.

For more information about Alumni Helping Alumni please visit http://www.culinaryalumni.com/ or Heather Turner at 860-326-0721.

About Heather Turner

Heather graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has spent 20+ years in the Foodservice industry. She trained under one of the PBS Series “Great Chefs of America”, Chef Yves Labbe at 4 Star acclaimed restaurant, Le Cheval D’or and has been the Executive Chef at Bellini’s Restaurant, The Cliff House at Stowe Mt. Resort and Harvest Market in Northern Vermont and at The Olde Inn on Cape Cod.

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