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The Boy Wonder Chef

greg-grossmanAt the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago earlier this month, Greg Grossman, a promising new chef, impressed show participants with his cooking demos.  He has open invitations to work in the kitchens of some of America’s top chefs, including Grant Achatz and Eric Ripert.  He also has a book and a TV show in the planning stages.

Those accolades are great for any hot new chef, but in Greg Grossman’s case, that isn’t the most amazing thing about him.  The most amazing thing about Greg Grossman is that he has achieved this much success and recognition at 13 years old. Grossman grew up on Long Island in a well-to-do family, and he was exposed to culinary excellence from a very young age.  He was soon dabbling in his family’s kitchen, trying to recreate the fine dishes he tasted while dining out with his family.  By 11, he had his own catering business.  And now, at 13, he is poised on the edge of celebrity chefdom. As everyone is saying these days, keep an eye on this kid.  He is going places, and I’m sure we will all be hearing a lot more from this boy wonder in the near future.

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