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Man Who Wanted To Be A Hooter’s Girl Settles Class Action Suit

Please, God, say it isn't so
Please, God, say it isn’t so

Local man Nikolai Grushevski brought a class action lawsuit against a Hooter’s franchise in Corpus Christi, Texas after the restaurant passed on hiring him as a waiter, who are also known as the Hooter’s Girls.  Grushevski’s lawyer claimed he was proud to have stood up for his rights under the Equal Opportunity Employment Act.

Hooter’s settled the case out of court recently for an undisclosed amount.  The restaurant chain was expected to mount a strong defense known as the “Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications,” which has also been used by Playboy and Sports Illustrated to defend their female-only hiring policies for models.

The rumor mill has said that Grushevski got $1,000 and his attorney’s fees in the settlement, but this was unconfirmed.  Hooter’s settled a similar suit in 1997 for $3.7 million, and both that settlement and this one stipulated that Hooter’s would be able to continue its female-only hiring policy.

There was no word on whether Corpus Christi Hooter’s patrons would have wanted to see Grushevski in a tight white Hooter’s Girls T-shirt and those short shorts when they came in for a burger and a beer.  Perhaps it’s better for us all that Hooter’s was willing to settle this one out of court.  It sure does seem like a shady way to make a grand, however.

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