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Menu Trends: Ruby Red Hibiscus Flavors

Hibiscus Is A Hot New Menu TrendHibiscus, the beautiful tropical flower, is now making its way into cocktails, teas, and desserts in some of the trendiest urban restaurants.  The taste is described as both fruity and floral, with a tartness not unlike lemon.  From the perspective of presentation, hibiscus flavored drinks and desserts turn an appealing ruby red color.  Some supermarkets are even carrying hibiscus flavored drinks.

Our neighbors to the south in the Caribbean and Latin America have been enjoying hibiscus flavored drinks for years.  It’s only recently that the flower has become popular in the U.S. as a flavoring.  Watch for hibiscus flavors to start showing up in more and more restaurants soon.  If you’re looking for new menu items or cocktails in your restaurant, Caribbean style foods and drinks with hibiscus could add a tasty, exotic touch to your offerings.

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