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Sanitas Brewing Company Needs Your Help

Sanitas Brewing Company

Sanitas Brewing Company opened their doors to the public just a few weeks ago, and we’re already excited to spread the news about this local brewery, because they’re doing things a bit different.  Not only are their beers made with organic ingredients, they’re plan is to offer rare beers that are made with wild yeast, bacteria, and unique ingredients that are aged in fresh oak barrels to help bring out intense flavors, not tasted in most brews. 

But there’s a catch. 

They need your help.  To get to the stage where they can successfully bring that aged beer to the table, they’re asking for help over at Kickstarter.  If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, I’d invite you to peruse through other community pages to see how people have successfully raised money by bringing Creators and Backers together.  It’s not about asking for money to start a business, it’s about sharing your story, and offering incentives to encourage backers to get involved in the project as well.  For Sanitas, they call it their “Barrel and Coolship Project.”  And the Backers are offered incentives, like acknowledgement on Sanitas blog and getting the keys to the Tap Room for you and 15 of your friends! 

As little as $10 can help, but you could be a superstar and give a little more to help this brewery bring wild and barrel aged artisan beers to the beautiful state of Colorado. 

Visit the Sanitas Kickstarter Page to Learn More

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