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A.I.S.: The Ultimate Social Media ROI tool for Independent Restaurants

Restaurant Social Media MarketingHere we are once again, the cacophony roared up after the SuperBowl over the legitimacy of ROI in social media whether it’s measurable, valid, does anything or whether it’s just a bunch of numbers the next “expert” throws up to validate his job/salary/cost.

The roar seems to be mainly coming from marketers, advertisers and mediums which like to stir up the noise level about how wonderful social media is and yet fail to explore it’s limitations.

For the independent restaurant A.I.S. is the only tool out there that even remotely qualifies as a specific measurement of whether their forays into online, print or social media advertising is effective.


Of course, like all solid measurement tools, there is some research; strategizing and work that go into this tool’s reliability and accuracy. Before utilizing A.I.S. we have:

1. developed a clear and defined vision of our business and goals;
2. specifically identified why we are in business and what our strengths and weaknesses are
3. formulated how those strengths and weaknesses play out to our marketing and, more pertinently, how we can wield them to our own and our guests’ advantage
4. defined where our guests are in relation to various advertising mediums and constructed a strategy for each of them

The specific advantage of utilizing A.I.S. is that it not only assumes but grants that your media strategy changes and develops as your organization matures. Working in real time, it can immediately gauge how your guests change; in both their perception of your company and their interaction with it.


One of the most pertinent variables of A.I.S. is that it also takes into consideration a few things that (it seems) many of the newly established SM “experts” overlook: specifically, to borrow from the music industry, RQ (recognition quotient) which means that my “engagement” is another form of getting my restaurant name out there for people to consider when they do make a choice of where to dine.

Random Tweets and Facebook postings about local events, charitable organizations and weather anomalies do in fact have a measurable impact within the A.I.S. system; as do the restaurant’s media in print, on video, on-line, in an email or in the local paper. The A.I.S. system looks at each of these individually and as a congruent whole.

A “branded company” within the A.I.S. system is one that is synonymous with outstanding quality and a solid perception of value for dollar, regardless of actual cost of your menu items. And, in an economy where necessity has outgrown desire or “bling,” this is a required advantage for the independent restaurant.

Take a moment here to review Oliver Blanchard’s excellent presentation about social media ROI. We’ll wait…

So here you go, you’ve read, you’ve pondered, and now you want to know the big secret behind The Ultimate Social Media ROI Tool for independent restaurants. Just what the hell is A.I.S. ? What tool helps me measure social media, standard marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, online marketing, off line marketing, couponing, discounting, branding, advertisng, promotions, cause marketing, outbound marketing, inbound marketing….ARGGGGGH!

A.I.S. = Asses in Seats.

If what you do is not putting them there then something is amiss; and it is up top you to find out if that is internal, external or in delivery and execution. All the planning, strategy,marketing , analysis, or engagement on the planet is not going to mean a hill of chickpeas if, for all your efforts, there’s no one in the dining room.

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