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Is This A Drill? How A Missouri Sonic Manager Trains For Robberies

Sonic Manager Stages Fake RobberyWe’ve all had one of those managers who’s just a little bit more hardcore than everybody else.  Usually they’re pretty harmless, if not a little annoying.  You just have to roll your eyes and get through the extra training seminar they scheduled.

A St. Joseph, Missouri Sonic manager probably takes the cake when it comes to overzealous middle management taking things a little too far, however.  This guy decided to test his Sonic team’s (read: two bored teenagers and a fat guy who still lives with his mom) readiness in case of an attempted robbery at the restaurant.

The solution: have a friend walk into the Sonic, pull a fake gun, and start taking people hostage.

Seriously, that was this guy’s solution.

Frantic Sonic patrons immediately called 911, and soon the place was surrounded by patrol cars and cops ready for a full-blown hostage situation.  The scene was probably reminiscent of the classic movie Dog Day Afternoon, except at least Al Pacino had a real gun in that flick.

Needless to say, the cops were not happy to learn the whole thing was meant to be a training exercise.  And I doubt those customers will be enjoying a Sonic Coney hot dog again anytime soon.

No word on whether Sonic corporate has upped their robbery preparedness rating for St. Joseph Sonic locations.

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  1. WOW Have mercy! That’s just incredible. Is plain common sense in that short a supply today? Good grief. I can’t wait to hear how Sonic’s PR team gets into action on this.

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