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Man Blames 9 Foot Tapeworm on Chicago Restaurant

Man Blames 9 Foot Tapeworm on Chicago Restaurant

After eating a fish salad at a Chicago restaurant, in which he claims the salmon was undercooked, a man developed a nine-foot-long tapeworm.  The restaurant denies they are responsible for the man’s unwelcome gastronomic guest.

The man is, of course, suing.  In general, however, scientists are concerned with a growing trend across the world: tapeworms are multiplying.  The phenomenon is mostly blamed on the new popularity of ceviche and sashimi in the West.  Tapeworm larvae resides in fish meat, and if it’s eaten uncooked, it can result in the parasite multiplying in whoever ate the infested fish. It is recommended to eat only cooked fish to avoid picking up an unwelcome house guest.  If you are going to eat raw fish, make sure it comes from a reputable restaurant and watch for symptoms resulting from parasite infestation: weight loss, a lack of energy, etc.


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