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The Obama Room Angers Restaurant’s Patrons

The Anaheim White House, a fine dining restaurant in Anaheim, CA, drew an unexpected amount of criticism recently after renaming one of 12 presidential-themed private dining rooms the Obama Room.

Irate customers asked to be removed from the restaurant’s email list and others swore they would never patronize the restaurant again as a result of the renaming.

The Obama Room at the Anaheim White House Restaurant
The Obama Room at the Anaheim White House Restaurant

The White House is located in a solidly Republican district, which may explain some of the anger.

But owner Bruno Serato pointed out that naming other private dining rooms after Democratic icons like John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter didn’t result in such a negative response.

The restaurant even rechristened the unpopular George W. Bush room for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis without much complaint.

And angry diners could always opt for the Reagan or Nixon room if the Obama room isn’t to their liking.  For some reason the Obama Room has really stirred up a negative response.

Regardless, Serato remains determined to keep the Obama Room.  He says the historic nature of the last election is too important to ignore, even if a few customers are angered by it.

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  1. If this restaurant was in Bolder Co. the guy would have received a award–LOL Anyone remember the “Rush Rooms” that were set up in the 90’s?

    I personally believe it is not wise to express political beliefs with a customer. I once knew of a donut shop that lost a good deal of business because they posted a Kerry for president sign in front of there business. All in all, unless you are willing to offend some of your customer’s, it is a bad idea. You know at least SOME will be offended.

    Kevin Loving
    Galveston Texas (where we take both Republican and Democratic money!)

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