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The Added Benefits of a Scotsman Prodigy Plus® Ice Machine

In 2006, Scotsman introduced the Prodigy® platform of industrial ice machines with features that prevented downtime in ice production, lowered operating costs, and improved ice quality.

In the interest of continued innovation and with a lot of feedback from you, Scotsman has advanced the Prodigy to the Prodigy Plus®. Using customer feedback, market research, and their expert team of engineers, Scotsman has truly set the bar in the world of energy saving and easy-to-operate ice machines.

Here is a simple outline of how Scotsman upgraded the Prodigy® to the Prodigy Plus®.

Autoalert™ Indicator Lights – For Prodigy Plus, Scotsman moved these LED status indicating lights to the lower left corner of the front panel so you can see that it might be time to descale or sanitize from afar.

QR Code – The QR code, which allows you to access your machine’s service history and warranty info on the web, has also been moved to that lower left corner for easy access.

The Air Filter – You’ll notice that the 22 in and 30 in air-cooled Prodigy Plus® cube models and all flake and nugget ice machines now have the air filter on the front panel, versus the side. There are several reasons for this. This location allows you to store other equipment or shelving with less clearance on either side of the machine. It also adds extra breathability which helps that hard-working filter (and the machine as a whole) work more efficiently. Plus, when it’s time to clean that reusable filter, the front location and screw-on panel make removing and cleaning the filter a simple task you can add to your cleaning list.

One-Touch Cleaning – Save time and money by using this streamlined cleaning process which literally requires the push of a button to clean the inside of the machine.

Patented WaterSense Technology – Prodigy Plus® ice machines can now adapt to your restaurant’s water supply by flushing out excess minerals, which can drastically reduce time between cleanings and improve ice quality. Plus, if your water supply is in good condition, your ice machine will actually be able to operate using less water.

Patented Harvest Assist – The harvest assist is the little guy that helps push the finished ice cubes into the bin. Usually requiring heat and a small probe, Scotsman has found a way to use less hot gas to warm the ice chamber and release the cubes, which means a significant amount of energy is saved during this step in the ice making process.

Add to this list the already existing key features of a Scotsman ice machine, like Energy Star Qualifications and built-in antimicrobial protection, and you’ve got yourself a Prodigy Plus® ice machine.

The big idea behind Prodigy Plus® is to reduce wasted energy and water, plus lower your overall cost of ownership by being:

Easy to service.

Easy to clean.

Easy to operate.

It’s as simple as that. By choosing Prodigy Plus®, you choose peace of mind knowing that your ice machine is both high-tech and fool-proof at the same time.

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