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Control Your Food Prep with the Nemco Easy Chopper 3

nemco easy chopper 3If you’re in the market for food prep equipment, and ROI is on your radar, look no further than the Nemco Easy Chopper™.

It goes without saying that a lot of time and money is spent on prepping food for service in an industrial kitchen.  As a restaurant or kitchen manager, you not only need to monitor the labor budget, but you also have to keep close attention to the product being produced. When it comes to food prep, efficiency and consistency are the top things to pay attention to.  That’s why we turn to food prep equipment for help.

As I mentioned in Super Bowl Must-Haves from Nemco, Nemco created the first curly fry cutter. This design began a long line of innovative, manual food preparation equipment from Nemco and the company strives to offer tools that will help you gain not only efficiency and consistency, but also durability, safety, and sustainability.

If your kitchen mainly preps one type of produce, Nemco offers onion slicers, tomato slicers, citrus wedgers, lettuce cutters, potato cutters, and even chicken slicers. But perhaps the most versatile of Nemco food prep equipment can be found in the Easy Chopper™ family. The Easy Chopper (standard size) and Easy Chopper 2 (made for larger veggies) are highly regarded in the chef world, but today I want to focus on the latest version – the Easy Chopper 3™ – and how this magical machine can help you achieve an efficient, consistent, safe, and sustainable food prep program.


The Easy Chopper 3 is an all-in-one operator. It will chop, slice, and wedge which means you can prep different menu items without having to switch to new equipment.  Plus, Nemco has made that “switch” easier by offsetting the rubber bumpers from the guide rods, so now you can skip the step of removing the bumpers before removing and replacing your blades.

But removing and replacing these blades can be less efficient if the user is confused about which blade matches which push block.  This wastes time and also risks a damaging mismatch, so Nemco has now introduced color coded blade assemblies and push block.  This is revolutionary in the attempt to make these prep machines faster and more user-friendly.

The Nemco Easy Chopper 3™ has 4 sizes of slicers, dicers, pushers, and gaskets to choose from - all color coded so switching them out is easy and efficient.
The Nemco Easy Chopper 3™  has 4 sizes of slicers, dicers, pushers, and gaskets to choose from – all color coded so switching them out is easy and efficient.


Creating a dish that is the same every time brings customers coming back for more and it all begins with consistent food cuts. With the Easy Chopper 3, you can relax knowing that no matter who you have scheduled for morning prep, the results will be the same, every time.


Using manual equipment is inherently safer than using electric, but there are other aspects of the Easy Chopper 3 that make it safe for both your employees and your customers. By introducing the color coded cleaning gaskets, Nemco has not only made it easier to clean the blades, it has eliminated the chance for cross contamination from food debris. Nemco also takes to heart the ergonomics of their products, which helps with efficiency, but also greatly reduces fatigue for the user.


Those new color coded push blocks not only increase efficiency. By adding the color coded blades and blocks, Nemco is assuring the user doesn’t mismatch the two, which can cause serious damage to the blades. The pusher blocks are also made with an engineered nylon-based resin material which won’t crack or chip (also adding an element of food safety). Add the fact that Nemco combines unrivaled engineering with resilient materials like rust-free stainless steel and cast-aluminum and you’ve got one durable chopping machine.


Last but certainly not least, Nemco designs its food prep equipment to chop food efficiently. Reducing large scraps by cutting the entire vegetable means you’re throwing out less food and ultimately saving food costs and labor dollars.

The versatility of a Nemco Easy Chopper 3 is hard to beat. Nemco suggests using yours for hard vegetables, like onions, potatoes, and celery, but you can also use it for chopping herbs, tomatoes, and even cooked meats.

For more about the Nemco Easy Chopper 3, check out the video below:

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