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Safeguard Your Restaurant with the Dormont Safety System

Dormont Safety System

The Dormont Safety System includes exclusive connection fittings that together create a safe and durable gas connection system, designed specifically for the commercial kitchen.

The Dormont Safety System is Dormont’s way of saying “Don’t worry, we got this.” They offer everything you need to make sure your kitchen is safe when it comes to the gas connectors living behind your gas-powered equipment. The system includes the Dormont Blue Hose, plus 5 of their safety-based fittings.

Not only do these different pieces keep your gas connections as safe as possible, they actually make cleaning behind your heavy equipment much easier. Let’s go over everything included in the system, which you’ll find right here at Tundra!

Dormont Blue HoseThe Dormont Blue Hose™ – Dormont has set the standard in gas safety ever since it developed the Dormont Blue Hose. The Blue Hose is specifically designed for caster-mounted commercial equipment and kitchen managers (and the Board of Health) appreciate its antimicrobial PVC coating, Stress Guard® technology, and internal stainless steel braid. These features are perfect for the busy commercial kitchen since they ensure that the hose can handle major stress at either end, and inhibit bacteria and mold growth.

dormont_snapfastSnapFast™  – The SnapFast is Dormont’s gas line quick-disconnect coupling. The SnapFast is easy to use with its push-to-connect feature which allows the user to simply push the coupling components together until they “click.” Another major safety feature here is the thermal shutoff, which involves a polymer ring inside the nipple that melts if the temperature inside goes above 350°F. The melting closes the gas supply line so that a potential fire doesn’t reach your gas line.

dormont_safety-quikSafety Quik® – Dormont designed the Safety Quik Quick-Disconnect specifically for the food service industry. This gas connection part acts as both a quick-disconnect and a valve. It meets the durability necessary for an industrial kitchen, and excels in safety requirements because your employees won’t be able to disconnect it until the gas valve is shut off (or reopen it until the gas connector is reattached).


SwivelMax™ – A Dormont SwivelMAX attaches to one or both sides of your commercial gas hose. And adds a 360 degree multi-plane range of motion to the hose attachment. This flexibility of movement reduces stress on the hose, which adds up to more safety and durability for the entire gas connection system.

range-back-with-posi-setRestraining Cable – The Dormont equipment restraining cable comes 1 inch shorter than the length of the gas connector and runs from the wall to the back panel of your equipment.  Any strain from the equipment moving too far from the wall goes into the cable and not to the gas hose.  Just another way Dormont has solved the issue of short-lived, unsafe gas connectors.


Safety-Set™ – The Safety Set equipment placement system can be used for all caster-mounted equipment, and belongs in the Dormont Safety System to ensure that equipment is placed back in its proper position after being moved for cleaning.

Now that you know all the pieces of the Dormont Safety System puzzle, it’s time to grab one for yourself!  Still have questions about gas connectors in general? We’ve got all the info you need right here in our Gas Connector Buying Guide.

Check out all the Dormont Gas Hose Kits and parts we provide here at Tundra.

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