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Go Green With Kason

greenguard by kason

As the largest manufacturer of commercial refrigeration hardware, Kason Industries is the go-to for hinges, latches, and strip curtains on your walk-in cooler or freezer.

Kason began making fabricated metal refrigeration hardware in 1926. This year, Kason celebrates 90 years of experience in perfecting the standards they put into designing and manufacturing their product. Kason knows and understands what it takes to become an industry standard. This is why they have in-house quality control inspectors for every step of the manufacturing process.

Over the years, Kason has come to realize that if refrigeration hardware does not function properly, too much cold air can escape from the equipment, which has major effects on operating costs and energy waste. The following are refrigeration parts you can add to your walk-in cooler or freezer to reduce energy waste and keep the cold air in where it belongs.

Kason - 401SA6063884 - 38 in x 84 in Easimount Strip Curtain
Kason – 401SA6063884 – 38 in x 84 in Easimount Strip Curtain

Strip Curtains 

Kason ThermaFlex strip curtains have proven to save up to 10% of the energy wasted when cold air escapes your walk-in.  This means that without strip curtains, you could be losing up to $80/month, or $960/year on wasted energy. No thanks!

With an Easimount Strip Curtain from Kason, you’ll instantly prevent warm air from sneaking in and keep the cold air inside where it belongs. More good news? These Easimount Strip Curtains are…easy to mount! The aluminum track is lightweight, yet strong and easy to install. The vinyl curtains are pre-cleated so it’s easy to slide them right into the track.

And if you happen to lose or damage a strip – no worries. We have strip curtain replacement parts for you.

Kason - 1095-13-29 - Offset Spring Action Door Closer & Hook
Kason – 1095-13-29 – Offset Spring Action Door Closer & Hook

Door Closers

Rushing in and out of a walk-in cooler for ingredients can waste time and energy if the door doesn’t shut when you walk out balancing that crate of lettuce in your arms. Adding a spring or hydraulic door closer to the top of your walk-in door ensures that the door closes every time without you having to push it all the way in because really, who has time for that, anyway?

Kason - 1810LX4000 - 4 ft LED Lamp
Kason – 1810LX4000 – 4 ft LED Lamp

LED Lights

In general, LED lights are highly efficient because they use less energy and last longer than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. In a kitchen walk-in, it’s important to consider how large of a space you are trying to shed light on. A large walk-in with insufficient lighting can be not only frustrating, but dangerous for your employees. Kason has now designed some high output LED fixtures that boast best-in-class efficiency with 96 lumens per watt. Spanning 4 feet long, these LED fixtures will light the entire space AND it uses less energy. Another plus – without ultraviolet emissions, LED lights won’t attract bugs into your walk-in!

Try Kason today and start helping the earth and your wallet.

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